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No Banks Bro

Bought my dream car after 4 years of hustling.

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I've owned an unreasonable number of cars in the short time I've had my license which some of you know from a few posts I made about them, buying them broken, fixing them, and driving them until they sold.

A few cases I bought them because I liked them and held onto them until I got what they were worth, instead of just flipping for a profit.

However, all of this wasn't just to make money, I had a goal in mind and I finally found one that I managed to snatch up before someone else swiped it from me.

A 1986-'91 Toyota Soarer.

They didn't come to the states, so they're all right-hand drive.

1G-GTE Twin-turbo inline 6, which is what came after the 7M but before the 1/2JZ that the MK3 Supra and MK4 Supras had, (As well as the Lexus SC300s and such)

However, sadly, most of these are automatic (Manual isn't very popular in the larger cities of Japan because of the stop-and-go traffic they have) So I'll have to order a manual front-clip to swap this one over once I have the funding available.

This is one of an estimated 100 in the US.


I'm quite happy. :D

Here's my 1987 Toyota Soarer.








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Nice find man, never seen a single older than 1990 Soarer in Finland, never seen an AE86 either live but I always see one or two for sale each year, wish I had an ae86 aswell hah.

My dream car as of right now would probably be a w201 cosworth, since I currently have a w201 190e 2.0l :p, it has all kinds of problems but still a damn nice car too drive when it works properly :D



one day i'll have a cosworth... probably not... :(



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@Fanatic, there was a guy in the US in Florida with a cosworth, then the Hurricane started heading towards Florida so he cleared out his kitchen and drove the car in through the back door and parked it in the kitchen to ride out the hurricane. Haha!

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27 minutes ago, J o k k e said:

Bought this BMW 740i e38 like 3 months ago. Got 4.0L v8 M60B40 engine in there 😊


Good to see that you are still alive jokke, that's a really nice car.

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