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Fair Luck

Upgraded to newest version of IPB

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Today, we've done a major update to our forums

We decided to finally switch from IP.Board 3.4 to IP.Board 4, after discussing it for months. 

It's brand new and Invision Power are slowly phasing out support for the old version.

There's a ton of benefits of making the switch now, so huge thanks to m8tt for making it happen so soon, despite being busy.


Some of these advantages include:

Better responsive design which means the site should work better on any screen

Better security than ever

More support from Invision power, as they have already ended technical support for the old version

Easier upgrading to the newest version in the future

Improved editor, which now supports things like drag and drop uploading, auto-embedding and mentions


This is just some of the many exciting new features and possibilities that this new version brings.

Overall it is much more user friendly, we really hope you'll enjoy it!


Also if you find any issues, bugs or things that just look weird in regards to this update please post them below!



The Admin team (M8tt, Star scribe, Flapz, Fair luck, Zerk)


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7 hours ago, DoDash said:

No chance of a shoutbox? Looks good

We had a chat before and that wasn't really working out, it was just inactive. The original idea of it was to work as a shoutbox

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15 hours ago, Damis said:

The site looks really strange, it's going to take some getting used to. Everything seems to have been resized and just looks bigger.

I agree it does look kinda, zoomed in.. Atm i prefer viewing it at 90% zoom, can just do ctrl+scroll out.

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