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panda eat u

Temple Trekking Update possibly makes op for UIM

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With the recent live stream of the Runescape's upcoming updates Temple Trekking was said to have added the option to CHOOSE which reward you get. Comparing this to rs3 the items come NOTED in your inventory.





-Pure Essence - up to 667 :D

-Bowstring - up to 242

-Silver Bar - up to 153 :D

-Herbs (tarromin/harralander and toadflax) OP anyone? :D

-COAL AND IRON ORE - up to 145 and 72 (OH LORD) :D :D :D

-Watermelon Seeds - up to 26 :D

-Raw Lobsters - up to 80 :D



So as you can see if this pans out for UIM, We will have a much easier life.



The easiest starting point is right north of the mushroom patch

The other start area is in the Burgh De Rott area near the entrence.


Mort legs (3?)

Fairy ring CKS

Kharyll Teleport (requires DT)

Ectophial (far but infinite)

Slayer ring teleport to Slayer Tower

PoH teleport to Kharyll




In Aid of Myreque ( http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/In_Aid_of_the_Myreque )
Darkness of Hallowvale ( http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Darkness_of_Hallowvale )





A Silver weapon, such as DarkLight or SilverLight. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Silver_weapons

Druid Pouch for ghasts (in rs3 the npc follower had an auto pouch if you happened to not turn them after a few seconds)

Axe/Tinderbox (provided in areas which it is needed

Food for you and the follower (trade food to follower, they hold up to 28 pieces)

Armour and Weapon (I'm sure rune and a D long or Scim would work fine here for Medium and Hard routes)



There's nothing better then trying for yourself, there are many simple puzzles and waves of monsters they can throw at you!

If you get stuck then find out how on this wonderful page which most of this is taken from!


Most info was copied from here :) its easy and just remember to have fun! http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Temple_Trekking



At the end of EVERY trekk if you pass you end up near a bank, so if you happen to loot the raw lobsters from a rewards you can manage to unnote and cook them before any trekk!

Once you start keep it going... When you complete one side of a trekk it leads you right in front of the other trekk start leaving minimal time between runs.

Running with the hard character on easy I THINK allows for most of the rewards each trekk and is fast. Testing will be done if it pans out

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If you have anymore info that i happened to forget tell me! its been a few years since i did trekking on rs3. Nothing changed from game to game other then the random loot as of before this possible update. 


Feel free to add panda eat u or panda hate u  :)

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