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Found 4 results

  1. Edit: thanks to Bilbo for the idea to make this thread! Hey guys, as some of you know I got hacked last week. I found out on friday afternoon (1 july). It was a fairly nice hacker so I kept most untradeables (and 150 snake grass(: ), but I lost the rest of my bank, nmz coffer, kingdom, costume room and slay pts. This is my old bank: Guessing the bank was worth about 700-1000m Main items lost: 100m alchable, 25k herbs, 2 dfs, sgs (took 775 kc :{ ), tassets, gilded kite/robin/wiz boots, full infinity, 3/3 zulrah (and 500 scrolls), about 18/24 barrows, lots of whips, black masks, occults etc. So im getting it all back (started saturday 2 july). Ill post progress here week by week. Initial boss kcs: and some slayer kcs (note I already did 150 abby demons and 150(?) small smoke devils here): current stats: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I alched a pair of bgloves and some junk to make about 150k along with some thieving (no idea how to get my maple blackjack back, the guy only sells willow but I think its better anyway: https://i.gyazo.com/48fe179b02a720cd29641d98f84ec8a6.png ). Then I mined/smithed a rune cbow (had to use spicy stew for both skills :S). The hackers also left a tentacle with 1k charges, so I went on my demonic gorilla task. setup: https://i.gyazo.com/9f03f57cd3a45cea3136436a1c35a249.png I got cash for slayer gear here, and a zenyte. Killed cave horrors for mask. They stole my slayer pts so that was a bit of a pain. I tried to get all items back via slayer tasks. did lots of farming to get potions back. Items achieved in approximate order (approx kc): -d scim (from gorillas) https://i.gyazo.com/406063918d79e4df0493d0b796f5db29.png -zenyte shard (40) -black mask (300) - off task https://i.gyazo.com/679ef6fd8b3bad869f0762a21785b65d.png (the ectophial does not indicate I first used trouble brewing tele but forgot a light source and then found out the hacker took my mos le harmless scrolls) -second black mask https://i.gyazo.com/9b7d1dd2f01c6182240a884d22cec002.png -whip (500) -second whip to make tentacle -dragon boots (low kc) https://i.gyazo.com/84387cade1505849c3baeeba7f458a05.png -trident (200) -825k for kingdom -cash for onyx, made it into torment bracelet with the zenyte (yeah no fury) -along the way: 7 glories and 1 brace/necklace, mystic set, db axe, bought dd and added home made p++, crafted black dhide, neit, dlegs (wyvs) and the big one (32kc): since it took me 1840 zulrah to complete before the hack, im very happy that I got this one early. Its useless to me now though because I use antivenom+ pots, but will be useful for bandos/sara gwd later. Ill be doing lots more zulrah hopefully daily. Im currently 500+ smoke devils dry of occult sadly. Note to self: using a dscim to kill minions at sara does not work. https://i.gyazo.com/e249beaed36c4b8d441e7c849006cd41.png (unlike most clue rewards worth more than 1k, my stole set wasn't taken by the hacker) I skipped the rest of the task after doing about 10 kills on this trip, dying in between to resupply some sharks. Was not fun and did not get hilt. The early zulrah task, one task before getting my trident was more succesful: https://i.gyazo.com/c85d71841e100e8321db8c1865ae7af7.png Even on task this setup is an insult to efficiency though. Same setup off task: https://i.gyazo.com/2c9abbdbd587e5a7cc328f07f4f5dec4.png nearly beat my pb. Goal for next week is to do loads of zulrah, get an occult/fury, starting barrows, infinity boots, lots more cash to keep kingdom going, god dhide, 3rd age and 99 slayer (750k xp off). byee ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- zulrah... 4 kill trip in pleb gear: https://i.gyazo.com/fe100b7ae94a3323f62903425364f8a7.png zulrah is easier than expected the second time with antivenom+ :D and got a nice little gift (84 kc): in contrast to the ridiculous dry streaks I had the first time at zulrah, im getting ridiculous luck now. currently getting the items in the same order but in about 10% of the kills I needed the first time. Hoping this will continue(: at barrows ive always been lucky so this 26 chest dry steak is new for me. My goal when doing barrows is always building a huge stack of runes however, so it doesn't bother me a lot. Using the loot from 135 bandos kills ores and bstaves from zulrah makes money making extremely easy however: this also allows me to collect 120 daily bstaves if I can be bothered to make even more money while kingdom keeps running. The blowpipe opens up jad tasks as well for amazing slayer xp. and a secret wyv method In the mean time the potion tab keeps growing steadily, mostly from herb seed drops from slayer, this makes playing the game A LOT smoother: https://i.gyazo.com/32433af38cf46f51c3dcc73d0845d935.png https://i.gyazo.com/916980b381476317fc5fbaa5a3a9c018.png currently 600k slayer xp left to 99. At this point I'm already used to my 'new' bank and playing the game is a lot of fun, because I have most essential items/supplies in decent quantities. Slaying is not very different from how it used to be, and having non-max gear feels less annoying than ever. I really hope I can get items I never used to have before soon so it feels like Im progressing again (I always forget to bring my torment brace so that one doesn't count). gorillas are great to make money: https://i.gyazo.com/aa45030110de408b6ed696cf7dd3b0f1.png not sure if I started at 1023 or 1033 but it sure is a long trip, and I used only 1 ppot on it :D ty blowpipe. trip 2 (one trip, no yak): https://i.gyazo.com/0061fff2f1c5942e77be86b0bfe63e9f.png (note the bottom row) (WTF) meanwhile on slayer..: https://i.gyazo.com/990289b4ccf1209f905c0634fad7a18e.png I've been doing the boss for quite a while to get this drop to make barraging slayer easier :} Smoke devil kc is 3865 now so I'm going fairly dry on the occult, which holds me back from doing more zulrah and barrows. Summary for the week: I have barely played in the first weekend so lost a lot of progress there and progress was slower than last week as drops get increasingly hard to get :S Occult: dry. Zulrah: not too many done, but tanz gained Fury: could make but not willing to spend the money atm Barrows: 26 chests done, 0 items Infinity boots: 2 game updates so far: did 2x 1200 enchant points (to avoid bots) which is 2x infinity boots. WIll do the other pts soooon. Cash: ~1m kingdom + https://i.gyazo.com/d725786c1f57e32d5cea9c3d1308ab9a.png God dhide/third age: ~10 hard clues, only loot was sara kite 99 slayer: 350k xp off :( no other notable things were achieved other than 3/4 heavy ballista in one trip :D gear tab: https://i.gyazo.com/483a781bf159e164b85a78ecf2b9f9ce.png goals for next week: Actually getting occult, fury and necklace of anguish Ending barrows dry streak Actually getting infinity boots Getting (close to) 92 craft with daily bstaves so I keep my cash stack growing (113k off) Finishing heavy ballista (missing limbs at 1/500 so gotta get lucky) Getting a dks task and getting items, mainly b ring 87 rc (188k off) mainly through cosmics for bstaves and bloods for barraging 200m agility xp Doing hard clues asap, I need god dhide ... working on building hidey holes along the way byee ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forgot I got 99 attack somewhere first week: https://i.gyazo.com/218f2b55e8e5d0f4bb0bdea88f16000a.png so finally bought the cape since I have the cash now: https://i.gyazo.com/4957bb0191273f85e4bf9562102de7a1.png Also used the cash to buy an onyx to make a fury, had 2x 16k tokkul from fight caves already and about 4k chaos runes from barrows, so it cost only about 2m. So I'm back with another gorilla task with the shiny fury and this happens: https://i.gyazo.com/c6a89d36c23e1925066969ee4797bc3e.png (bottom row), only just after getting 3/4 ballista in one trip. That's one goal completed within a day :D https://i.gyazo.com/a5d6f51726f6dfd9238aa97e0c0f1d55.png Still trying to get those zenytes tho, so next trip: https://i.gyazo.com/618020feacea2079cb3775b605316d04.png Monkey tail drop (1/1500) about 5-10 kills in, then next kill a heavy frame (1/1500) and a short while after that another limbs drop. task completed: https://i.gyazo.com/b7d66e5c8a6574c2792c19826e98b461.png ????????????????????????????????????? https://i.gyazo.com/1ea83f76367eaf2a53e1c892671e3038.png ty for adding new clues jagex... Since this is a nice number ill start tracking hard clues from here. Have done approx 10-15 now but only gotten a saradomin kiteshield. I would reaaally like some god dhide and a rune (h) kite :( Don't have to be ashamed for my gear anymore! Minus the missing god hides :S Back to gorillas! 180 task this time. I've made the ring of suffering (i) because I dont have any good ring atm, and I have a good chance (45%) to get another zenyte this task for the necklace (without occult the ammy switch at zulrah is barely worth it anyway). This brings my cash stack back to 220k however with alchs sold already at karamja store. Hopefully I'll get enough money from the task to make the 840k for 120 bstaves tomorrow to get the stack growing again. Kingdom has enough money stored to run for a few days so that should be fine for now. 1 task later: https://i.gyazo.com/ab6e8772b0ae943625119d55ce770616.png the tentacle is nearly out of charges so Im keeping it for smoke boss, thats why I'm using a normal whip here.Does not make a huge difference anyway. total kills after the tasks: https://i.gyazo.com/5499fbd95bd789e9b01aba1deec9c92d.png the 3rd zenyte is going into a necklace of anguish when I need it (need to boost one lvl, currently one lvl to +5 for the melee amulet but it barely has use for me at the moment). reminder to me and everyone: Keeping up with crafting proves easier than expected: I'm usually charging orbs while updating this thread so time flies by easily! Bringing in loads of cash, achieved on tuesday or wednesday already. Also made another ~2500 cosmics after this, for the rc and craft goals. Most important thing this week! here it is: https://i.gyazo.com/683bbdd1cb38f6e9c2a373ad99b2d604.png Achieved on wednesday 20 july in the early morning for me. Got lucky with a final smoke devil task, but did not manage to get an occult :( currently nearing 1k dry of which 200+ bosses :(( the rank: https://i.gyazo.com/174dae032b59e75da07fdf0de5b74c2c.png 110th ironman to 99 slayer. Back from being away for ~2 days, its friday now. Decided it's finally time to get the infinity boots out of the way. Already had plenty enchant points from bot-free collecting after game updates. Here's a pic with the sexiest boots ingame: https://i.gyazo.com/bec1de9a4e47dc4bc4cd59ad6b5c626d.png For those interested in some MTA statistics, here's the xp gained from boots (excluding enchant room): https://i.gyazo.com/0a91f300dc8fef3452727f52513b3125.png From the osrs wiki: ~ Approx time for seperate rooms (minutes) ~ Expected points and time for the rest of the set (no gloves) ~ Enchant: 10 12000 pts - 100 Telekinetic: 35 1200 pts - 350 Boneyard: 18 1200 pts - 180 Alchemist: 26 1350 pts - 293 TOTAL: 89 (1 hour 29 minutes) - 923 (15 hours 23 minutes) The rune cost is very low, only a couple hundred nats for the boots and a handful cosmics/laws. I will mostly wait with more MTA untill I have achieved the 12000 enchantment points required for the set, because it is a lot easier to do it after updates only. It is also not a priority for the rebuild if I don't go insanely dry on Ahrim's robes later. Loot from approx one year of kingdom and a hacker not dropping bird nest eggs and a recent update: Back to slayer! Finally got the dagannoth task, 199 of them. Managed to do about 125 of them in the first trip, then risked it at the end and died :/ But good oppertunity to go back and finish the last 70 there as well. Managed to get rock shell plate and legs for in house, and got some spined/skeletal but didnt have the invent space to pick it up after my death so I just left it there. The setup: https://i.gyazo.com/bcfccec4d6b3c7cd23aeca0c4544fa58.png (with trident, blowpipe and black dhide body switch) The spoils: https://i.gyazo.com/a7b573f02ec387bf03dcf17dbb20e726.png https://i.gyazo.com/6d9a07a3d082fc0ff8dc7b87e7f349d9.png https://i.gyazo.com/5092719f3404449b456d2c51df9d9a09.png And Jagexed immediatly after the task: https://i.gyazo.com/d8c3adda155b43eef56f235e30f0f382.png completed this as well but no more loot. The mud staff in action, very sexy farming gear: https://i.gyazo.com/64f7e66b37ae60699ce12350136eb5c6.png For the next black dragon task it was time to finally make the necklace of anguish: https://i.gyazo.com/094ec12c7e4650f1689f36eac87a66f4.png (+1 craft boost from chalices) The cash stack is back to just about 850k now which is great for doing my bstaves today. I hope this is the last time I'll have to drain my cash stack like this, the amulet of torture won't be coming anytime soon. Last thing for the week is completing various clues. Here's the big hard clue: https://i.gyazo.com/7fb3d100b9277306eb07277b6bfa8933.png (I think this completes all hard clue requirements) Another hard clue: Working on my master clue (been in bank for like 2 weeks): https://i.gyazo.com/96586ce39e2f8ff2d092f0a97555cb15.png And the reward: https://i.gyazo.com/1e14d8c5a1f911b603354a9797282952.png (very useful for bandos gwd) Finally, the conclusion for this week. Here's the goals I set myself last week: Actually getting occult, fury and necklace of anguish - very dry on the occult but still working to get smoke devil tasks, doing the boss now for better chances. Ending barrows dry streak - waiting till I get the occult, no chests done. Actually getting infinity boots Getting (close to) 92 craft with daily bstaves so I keep my cash stack growing (113k off) Finishing heavy ballista (missing limbs at 1/500 so gotta get lucky) - got 2 now! Getting a dks task and getting items, mainly b ring 87 rc (188k off) mainly through cosmics for bstaves and bloods for barraging - while updating the thread I'm making blood runes to finish the last 90k xp! 200m agility xp - nearly there, 195.5m xp left Doing hard clues asap, I need god dhide ... working on building hidey holes along the way - it may not be a useful piece of god dhide, but I've broken the dry streak! Built several hard hidey holes. Not having the occult is holding me back a lot, so my focus next week will be on that. Continueing slayer is very important anyway, as there is still a lot I need to get from it: -occult/smoke staff -whips for tentacle -d chain -arclight charges -zammy task, sire task (1/3 bludgeon), cerberus task -herbs/seeds -stuff So the goals for next week are: -GETTING OCCULT -getting a barrows item after occult (bonus points for ahrim top/bottom) -doing 100 zulrah kills after occult -finishing 87 rc -god dhide boots, chaps or body (bonus points for sara/zammy) -at least one whip drop -98 defence (570k xp off) -at least one new DKS item -zammy gwd trip (any drop would be nice) -possibly a sara gwd trip -87 prayer, currently 22k to 86 with 230 dks bones banked and some ensouled heads, no idea how much xp total Ill try to add more skilling/level goals over time as I've accumulated a good base of items now and not in a rush to get most remaining items back. For now, byee. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Started off with rcing nearly 3k bloods, 42k xp left. Then an abyssal demon task, as usual starting off with a sire trip. I've managed to get about 3k charges on my arclight so I can use that now, so the trip went fine with about 12-15 kills. The earth orb drops are very nice as they save me lots of time on dailies, and the runes drops make me at least break even on the barrages. No luck this task. Made my ranarrs in ppots, got a surprizingly good amount so I dont have to be careful with them anymore. Also got 315 snapdragons in herbs/seeds banked and I have no idea where I got them (snek?). Cbf collecting spider eggs though. Could go big spider with diamond bolts but I don't know if theres a safespot now and to be honest, I cbf doing that either. To keep track of the herblore a bit, I've bought 9800 vials of water which bring my total just over 10k. I'm wondering how long those last. Since I just make potions whenever I need them instead of stocking up big herb piles, It's good to see how many herbs I actually go through. The herb tab: Steadily growing, mostly from (slayer) seed drops :) Been doing a bit of zulrah since blowpipe was at ~9% charges and no scales banked. Gotten 3 shark drops just when my shark pile hit 0. So decided to do a bit of cooking and noticed I was near 97. Here it is, a semi-big milestone (no it's not about the cooking level): https://i.gyazo.com/458b46547a90bf05faf431a85f149c56.png As you can see I had to finish the last bit on wines. Grapes were from zulrah, and had 500 jugs of water in bank. Probably a leftover from pre-hack? Or from sire? No idea. Back with a 180 smoke devil task. Occult time. Now. Pls First trip (33 kills): https://i.gyazo.com/df4c1c10e8b4d3b48b7662994c02c208.png Got about 5 food drops so was very lucky with such a long trip :) My gear: https://gyazo.com/66771508c7db0cbce6c68dfe9523b0f6 866 charges left on the tentacle, which is probably 2-3 more trips. After that it's time for the noob whip :/ I'm feeling the occult tonight, will report later :) Some small stuff: still working on rc, now made some astrals: https://i.gyazo.com/5dbcfad9a8a45f3ec69255e7b14a047f.png use quite a lot of those on herb runs. Also some tabs: should make more soft clay when im on lunars (I use my magic cape to switch to lunars once a day to do some quick herb runs, but mostly I'm on normals for bstaves or ancients for various slayer tasks or arceus for blood rc). And a zammy task, chose to kill 3, managed to kill 2 first trip then ~4 on second trip (so mostly off task) and died, went back, killed some more, etc. 8 kc total. Arclight is amazing. Having no zammy/sara dhide is not amazing. Or karil. Or the right arrow slot new thingy. https://i.gyazo.com/cd4aea9e530925f0b23341685ea4f851.png https://i.gyazo.com/2ee4771ef04fb0cd28cb308c320e8310.png The kq task: chose 10 to be safe. Bought anchor: https://i.gyazo.com/de5b353457f647814d3f6246903d40c8.png https://i.gyazo.com/2adadc35c6345d505b1989a2e565a366.png https://i.gyazo.com/5faf0d52581970538bba6448d06d2cc2.png I dont flinch first phase because that takes way too long, I'd rather just exchange hits. Used blowpipe and ballista with dragon javs for second phase. The idea is hitting once with blowpipe, then with ballista, then stepping under. The kq can only attack once whilst doing this. It is however very easy to misclick and I'm not that agile with my mouse so it's not working very great now. Will become the new meta soon though when people realize how good it can be (ballista can hit 60+ and has high accuracy bonus). The blowpipe also provides me with some nice heals while I lack another good spec weapon. Best trip was about 3-4 kq. And forgot venge pretty much every trip. Done enough tasks to get another 2 smoke devil tasks. Both done completely on the boss so my hand hurts. And this happened. First time getting one ever, so it's pretty nice to get. And now I know smoke devils actually do drop stuff. Now to get the occult :l Currently 1200-1300 dry of which ~500 bosses, so it's getting somewhat annoying. https://i.gyazo.com/3419d8f8003c91693849d5998fa3a8c1.png Food supplies are left drained to the bottom: https://i.gyazo.com/dca84e8e3cf5789d17d5607a7a0da004.png (anglers are from brutal blacks, haven't done pisc favour). Probably going back to small smoke devils when I get another task, but Ill decide that when I get the task. Did however bank 200m smithing from smoke boss drops: https://i.gyazo.com/074baafcb49e6d150d2aaa953e6d3ba0.png I've recently been doing a few DKS tasks. Since dagg tasks are fairly rare from duradel I try to do them at DKS all the time, and a goal for this week was 87 prayer so noted dagg bones help a lot. https://i.gyazo.com/04b6753ee9640be46bcc84a99b8cc70d.png 150 kill task clutch: https://i.gyazo.com/df71c594170ebb0ad7d504600661b9a3.png So far I've gotten 1 b ring 2 w ring 1 seers ring 2 mud staves and enough d axes. Missing both supreme uniques. I'm doing 39 dagg bones daily at ecto, every day this week (500 prayer xp ea). Surprize drop from wyvs: Tuesday night I suddenly got the urge to do Lovakengjhgjqh favour in Zeah. Since most people still haven't done it, I've gathered some data. Because I've bought all onyxes I'll need for a while, cash is not really a problem anymore. This is why I decided against making full dynamite (shop sells it for ~1200-1300gp ea). Instead I mined sulphur to 30% favour, which is the % req to make armor sets. https://i.gyazo.com/8d9c164590b9e2dec9eafe1e2ee6204e.png https://i.gyazo.com/bbda6096d1aae5fb58f553b8f3f36257.png https://i.gyazo.com/481313383a23bae49234bf63f63122fc.png The time is a bit off, it took 1:05 hour. Could probably push 30k xp/h. It's also pretty afk. Considering mlm is comparable xp to this I barely lost time doing this. Tried making some armors but it was shit at 30%. (0.5% favour per set). I mined to 51%, then made 6 tier 3 armor sets at 1.5% ea for 60%, then made 12 tier 4 armors at 2% ea for 84% favour. The last 16% is gained from unlocking mine carts which takes about 5 minutes. took 32 minutes to mine the red ores, took 10 minutes to superheat them to bars with 2 coal per ore. making the armors is another ~10 minutes so overall it's about an hour. This hour got me 51 to 84 %, or 33% total. Total xp gained: https://i.gyazo.com/9fde84c4cb7806c850145d35681c29ff.png This shows making the armors was about 20k mining xp and some smith xp (40k???) (idc can just buy gold for that). When I look back to this, my recommendation would be: mine sulphur 0-84%. It's good mining xp, its afk, its almost free and it only takes 2.5-3 hrs. If you normaly get mining xp at 40k/h, you lose less than an hour doing 100% lova favour this way. You do miss out on cash saved from dynamite, but for some gp I would never bother. Haven't tried making dynamite myself though so can't be sure about this. The blast mining: 100% favour unlocks the blast mine which I wanted to test. This is realistic values at 82 mining. If you practice it includes buying dynamite. 100 dynamite loot: https://i.gyazo.com/4af7102f7ede21d8ac7806a14ac58cad.png Considering this is better xp/h than mlm I might do blast mining to train mining. I like banking ores for smithing and darts. Finally done the rcing: cosmics crafted: https://i.gyazo.com/10bbff0eb373c370aaaa7750d558203d.png xp/h on quest cape method (chill): https://i.gyazo.com/c5455a4232fca3576880781f6b00fe96.png after getting 87 I made another load of blood runes for random stuff. 150 DKS task drained about 2k of them so its a lot of work. Buying them is 400gp ea so thats not great either. With the update this week I finished this: https://i.gyazo.com/c1f5c9050cf04b8bd02c875bbf4d211a.png It's enough point for the infinity top. The last few days I've pretty busy with bossing. Here's a good invent of sire: https://i.gyazo.com/51e544e878b2537b321022f0910d8e22.png the earth orbs save me a lot of time on charging, and stacking up diamonds for saradomin later, nearing 250 diamonds already. Also decided to try my luck at Cerberus: My method is ruby bolts e to 400hp (max is 120 on full hp) then switching to blowpipe. I get about 8 kills a trip with 8 ppots, 1 restore and lots of sharks. Gear: https://i.gyazo.com/3d38b6286e31ffd12d5b02bafda50d52.png The last boss I've been doing is mole: https://i.gyazo.com/fa9e40d25d6456b5a530be6e4624cd2d.png This equates to about 48 kills/h if I dont get crashed. Good for limpwurt seeds because I dont have any limps/super str/super combat left. My method is blowpipe to 100hp then ballista. Seems to work just as good as dharok and I'm just using rune javs, snakeskin boots, no archer ring and no dark bow specs. Using my blowpipe so much drains its scales very fast though, so I have to stock up at zulrah. Also get the sharks for Pvm there: It's going pretty well now I have the blowpipe, here's a 5 kill trip: https://i.gyazo.com/fc1ce65a86bbdaa785004a0e0d30c11a.png Nearly got 6 kills but the last one was mage first which deals loads of damage. Should have relogged probably but forgot about that. I get the gems for recoils from doing alchgility in ardy and stealing from the gem stall: Found this lucky nub there too: https://i.gyazo.com/db8138755924f2ec235f268162c356f3.png Im doing loads of hard clues for god dhide, and while doing that I got this weird drop from Skotizo:https://i.gyazo.com/6c9f93102f16888f596a22c5c1bfd32e.png 352 hards total now: https://i.gyazo.com/839014d75423b90385dab7719e087b93.png but only god dhide coif still. Gotten one new whip from slayer so far: https://i.gyazo.com/629e1d13bcd4eb2fa400043dadf9422d.png So I have 10k charges left on the tent. Hope ill ever get a smoke devil task, haven't had one in days now. Will do the boss again then. Been working on the arclight as well, this is the result: And another DKS task: https://i.gyazo.com/9230a54d63b5b29b6f77f95f9877cc04.png Thats about it for the week, been playing a lot and I've made loads of progress. The goals from last week were: -GETTING OCCULT - been dry on tasks now so haven't done too many kills. Should'v had it a long time ago though as you can see, getting the occult is fairly time consuming :l -getting a barrows item after occult (bonus points for ahrim top/bottom) - no chests done -doing 100 zulrah kills after occult - done quite a few kills for scale/shark supply and random stuff -finishing 87 rc - easily done, about 50-100k xp over -god dhide boots, chaps or body (bonus points for sara/zammy) - loads of clues done, no luck. Did get sara/zammy arrow slot thingy -at least one whip drop - tentacle is nearly 100% atm -98 defence (570k xp off) - 400k away from 99 now -at least one new DKS item - seers ring is new -zammy gwd trip (any drop would be nice) - 8 kills done, no drops -possibly a sara gwd trip - cba -87 prayer, currently 22k to 86 with 230 dks bones banked and some ensouled heads, no idea how much xp total - 250k away from 87, but I have enough dagg bones to complete it. I only use dagg bones on ecto daily so I can't finish it right now, Ill just call it complete though. Also have 600 d bones but Id rather leave them in bank for now. Goals for next week: none. I'm going on vacation next week, will be gone for a while with some time home in between. If I do stuff Ill post it here though, but I don't want to force myself to do anything in the short amount of time I'm home. Since I've done loads of bossing, Ill update the kc's I have with all the loots I got in the last 4 weeks: both herblore and farming are very close to leveling and easily banked, 550k prayer xp banked. Total value of this invent: 105m+, estimated bank value: 150m ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 5 - 8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shortly after my last update I finally got the drop, just before hitting 14m slayer xp: Decided to not post it yet so I could do a big update after my vacation. Immediatly went to barrows to test it: https://i.gyazo.com/92aad27c0b900aa8616d9225ffa618e5.png Thats another big dry streak ended. Also gotten this amazing clue: https://i.gyazo.com/06ecfccf35de28ba2a8030dccb0dba90.png which ends the god dhide dry streak with one of the best items I could possibly get. This directly saves me an invent slot at sara/zammy gwd and gives some extra prayer bonus. And then another great clue: https://i.gyazo.com/3c4e74f36e3b43605d25ad35067cd247.png The zamorak helm is a master clue req, and the mask is almost a master clue req. Take a guess which one is the actual master clue req: After getting all these big items and getting the big dry streaks out of the way I've decided it's time to work on a big new goal. The 2 main PvM spec weapons are the saradomin godsword and the dragon warhammer. Both have their pros and cons, but the biggest con for the sgs is that I already had it and it took me very long to get it. I want to get something new. It's time to get a dwh. Omw to shamans. At first I needed to find the best method. I've done 650 kills a long time ago with cannon/hasta camping the corner spawn. This is pretty slow however. Two other methods are safespotting with crystal bow and rambo with blowpipe. The crystal bow method seemed to give about 65-70 kills/h. Can stay long and its pretty afk. I'm still working on the rambo method, but it seems to give about 150 kills/h at the cost of ~8 cballs/kill. This means another ~45 mins spent on making cballs for every hour of rambo making 85 kills/h, but with 13k smith xp. Making cballs is extremely afk, and rambo is full attention. I put the cannon in the middle of the room which aggroes all 3 shamans https://i.gyazo.com/748b5f5e0e5490e1be57e31884f1cd3e.png, run around with rune cbow/blowpipe and use safespots to reduce dmg and lure them all around the cannon. I'm probably going to focus on keeping a good stack of cballs and doing the rambo method, and if I cbf doing that I'll do a trip with crystal bow once in a while. Drops are alright: https://i.gyazo.com/afe9ccd3b63aaf02888e7d294bb92057.png (85 mins, 208 kills). The only problem with this method is that I hate making steel bars at blast furnace. With the return of ores, buying ores is very little time spent however. Current kc on counter: 1008 (18% chance to get dwh) ~ approx kills before hack/counter: 650 ~ total kills: 1650 (28% chance) ------- Hey guys, after being away for a few weeks, at least from this thread, Im going to give you an update on what I did the last 4 weeks, since week 9 is starting tomorrow. I've made far less progress than usual, but I did have a nice vacation :). At this moment I'm safespotting shamans, as my main goal is still the DWH. Ive switched to safespotting because it's afk and just way nicer in general, after doing 1500-2000 killls with various other methods. I do use a cannon for safespotting to lure and making it quick because its fast and easy. I get about 95-100 kills/h (cannon hits twice per rotation), and use 7 cballs/killl. I do not really like making steel bars but this is only a couple of hours on avarage for dwh. Making cballs is so afk I don't mind doing it, and I can do pretty much anything I want while doing it so it doesn't really take much time. Some iron/coal is returned from shamans, rest of iron is bought at bf and coal is from zulrah drops. Shamans are bringing in large amounts of gp, heres an estimate of my gp total (doubt I'd use the mage logs for bows though): https://i.gyazo.com/ca377773dc0df3642a93fec303560c40.png I'm still making loads of bstaves but I've toned it down a bit because enough gp is being generated anyway. A few weeks ago the hidey holes update was relased, so I've spend some time to fill nearly all easy, medium and hard ones. I've been camping mainly med clues after this but haven't gotten anything spectacular. I'm stocking up eclectics in bank, currently 550. Working towards 1000 so I can track loots and do many at once very fast. I make the jars with hunter kit (lunar spell) using the new bank filler tool to bank fast. https://i.gyazo.com/c18c612837bf817df6fa7284a51ce346.png Another update was the fishing trawler, so I immediatly went there and semi afked my set. Took about 6x 1 hour or 30 games. considering how afk it is, I got a nice amount of good food. They heal 21 or something which is nice, because I dont have very many sharks. Also decided to get this set: which took about an hour. Good prep for construction update if I needed to train. This happened while trying to get splitbark legs for an elite clue: https://i.gyazo.com/b1d2acac912e4a7f53a914276e2a206e.png My undeserved pet collection: Been doing some barrows, I've got nearly max gear now so it's quite fast. Ahrim's top is very useful for zulrah etc and this got me at 2/4 guthan, a set I really want to try at cerb. Glad to have my barrows luck back. The last update to come out was the construction buff. The night beforehand I managed to craft the 10k astrals required for that altar, which only took 90 minutes. https://i.gyazo.com/b4a78c311ecf0e8019da0d1555d7f731.png The altar is going to help out a ton because I switch between lunar/standard daily, and now I dont have to limit it to magic cape daily switch. I currently have a master clue in bank that requires a pharaoh's sceptre, so I need one for the clue and one for the altar upgrade now :( will start plunder when I get a regen brace, either via zulrah onyx drop or buying it with jad task tokkul and barrows chaos runes. I'm 91 thieving so I'll get good xp rates there which may make it not as bad. Also trying to get more dstones so I can make a full jewellery box but it's not a priority now. Along with the cons buff came the ring of suffering recoil effect. This will make zulrah a bit easier with longer trips, and possibly some other bosses. I only have about 100 recoils so I'll be robbing the ardougne gem stall as much as possible. I'm sorry I could not provide more/better content over the last few weeks, but I'm sure the coming weeks will be much more interesting. The DWH goal is holding back many smaller goals however as it is eating away most of my time without anything to show for/any guarantee I'll get anything from it. If I do manage to get the hammer though, lots of PvM content will follow soon after that. I'm going to do some more shamans now for the last chance on DWH in week 5 - 8.
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    I was shaking like the nerd i am. Killed a few hundred more than the counter says, before the official counter was implemented. Ban bleak
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  4. Was looking through my old OSBuddy screenshots and found this gem, and realised it was from exactly one year ago today, how time flies! 07/02/2015 07/02/2016