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Top Glitch

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  1. RSN - Ooh Glitch Status - Regular Ironman Thanks!
  2. Hi, To start off, my name is Ryan. I'm 22 years old, currently living in Ohio, USA but was born in Perth, Western Australia. My IRONMAN in game name is Ooh Glitch. I enjoy Runescape Athletics Football I am currently a student athlete at a division 1 NCAA school where I am a member of the football program. I decided to make an ironman last week after questioning my actual knowledge of the game I've played for so long, so this is a test for me. I decided to join the forums after I realized a lot of my friends didn't share similar ambitions, so I am on a journey to seek those that share the passion I have, not just for the game, but overall life in general. I look forward to hearing for you,