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  1. howmany oak planks did it take around 15k~?
  2. understandable!
  3. i thought the 2012 election was crazy... this one has everyone and there mom upset haha.
  4. welcome to the forums brother
  5. Didn't you have another account? i remember a name simmilar to otto hahn in overflow cc about a year and a half ago or something around there.
  6. recently re rolled a new ironman account and going for 83 hunter immediatly for easy man mode. neglected to do so on my main ironman so i figured id give it a go. anyone know any decent puro puro guides?
  7. ill be that guy that says get 83 hunter.... imho it makes iron man easy man mode to the max.. but its so effecient.... i re made a new ironman account and getting 83 hunter soon. dragon bone loots. 700k~ an hour. glorys.
  8. why stop there? were just getting started...
  9. defidently saving this for my new ironman
  10. 60-80 better at seers if you have diaries
  11. heard this was great for flax. or is it a waste on regular ironmen?
  12. battle staffs till ya die..... zzzz only way dragonhides would ever be apart of ironman crafting is honestly if someone wanted 99 prayer off green drags.
  13. is this patched yet? i know this was a while back
  14. so many farming votes... i love farming. its defidently not pointless.. but agility and firemaking....
  15. i hover around rank 5~ all season if anyone wants to play im down to learn or even teach newbies. usually play it while i afk rs. message me your battlenet username or drop it in comments if anyone wants to play. Edit: Control Warrior <3
  16. Actually just died the other day doing an ardy lever clue, a noob was waiting for anyone to come by and teleblock/bind. i was geared up in full graceful and dumb enough had all my laws and cash on me. he caught me out said ironmen are stuck up and there plagues to the runescape society and all of them should be exterminated. ran to the web and he multi logged a main to barrage me as his alt followed him haha. lost a good bit and full graceful. needless to say i grinded to 76 agility within the past few days for another set. honestly people like that are just upset because a self suffecient account is 10x better then there pay to win trading accounts. was probably his only loot that day. so i gladly take my death and hope he profited off of it haha.
  17. At the moment im runecrafting cosmics in bulk for future battlestaffs. my method im doing is ardy cloak to monastary fairy ring to zanaris to cosmic altar then duel ring to clan wars to recharge run energy then repeat. is there a more effecient way at my level? no quest cape, no glories. (didn't take up 82 hunter and only have 2 glories banked but not at the crafting level yet). I was thinking of going the home teleport route which requires 67? construcion i think. i already have 10k oaks banked for g altar progress. also no slayer rings, (my first slayer buy was broads for the dragon bones i have banked for when i get gilded altar) would making tele tabs and mounting a glory be any good and just switch to abyss crafting? i plan on making in the future around 50k~ish cosmics. mainly just doing a few thousand cosmics to hold me over for awhile but i plan on revisiting soon and grinding alot more.
  18. anyone on NA around silver 1 or low gold wanna play im down!
  19. opinions? my first buy was broad bolts so i could camp green/blue drags for 70 prayer. which im halway there. had i not bought broads as first buy i would have went the crystal bow route and used it on all of my range tasks. i feel since i bought the broads its useless to use crystal bow. thoughts otherwise?
  20. started as soon as i finished with the early game questing. sooner you start the sooner you get points.
  21. if you didnt take up 83 hunter, id defidently go with ham chests for your first 100k. i did the battlestaff struggle crafting/buying cosmics and natures to alch and profit. once you start commiting to slayer youll easily make a few hundred k a day just from alchs off of clues. my afk choice skill was woodcutting. cut about 7k yew logs while afk watching movies playing other games. put money into miscellania for flax and made bowstrings and alched the longbows while i trained agility. inefficient but great for afk. if you can try to alch while doing aglility or runecrafting.