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  1. howmany oak planks did it take around 15k~?
  2. understandable!
  3. i thought the 2012 election was crazy... this one has everyone and there mom upset haha.
  4. welcome to the forums brother
  5. Didn't you have another account? i remember a name simmilar to otto hahn in overflow cc about a year and a half ago or something around there.
  6. recently re rolled a new ironman account and going for 83 hunter immediatly for easy man mode. neglected to do so on my main ironman so i figured id give it a go. anyone know any decent puro puro guides?
  7. ill be that guy that says get 83 hunter.... imho it makes iron man easy man mode to the max.. but its so effecient.... i re made a new ironman account and getting 83 hunter soon. dragon bone loots. 700k~ an hour. glorys.
  8. why stop there? were just getting started...
  9. defidently saving this for my new ironman
  10. 60-80 better at seers if you have diaries
  11. heard this was great for flax. or is it a waste on regular ironmen?