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  1. This whole thread is great in it's comical value. Especially how people start seriously responding to a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with Runescape, and also isn't in the section where people would talk about non-runsecape stuff.
  2. My previous goals actually messed up my current goals. I used to train up the skills that were convenient for questing and such, but at some point I got really excited to actually try to equalize all my stats and get the highest total level possible for the amount of xp that I have. I already had the idea in my ehad before that, but I decided then that it was simply not convenient so I decided to forsake. But as time moved on the excitement of the idea of getting all stats equal grew more and more on me. So at some point I decided that I was going to get all stats to 75, 75 exactly. Unfortunately, at that point I already trained up magic to 77 or 78. I decided that that was not enough reason for me to start a new account. So currently i am still getting trying to get all my stats equal to 75. Which is a lot harder than you might think actually! Just try to get your slayer level equal to your HP level. By default, for every damage you do you get 1.25xp in HP, and 1xp in slayer, and that only whilst on slayer task. Add to this that sometimes you simply have to kill monsters for quests, nightmare zone, or just have to kill monsters in order to receive certain drops which you can't do on slayer task. The only way for me to get around this a little bit is to use a dwarf cannon, which allows you to get twice as little HP xp for every damage point you deal. Additionally I try to use a lot of ring of recoils, which allows me to do damage for slayer without getting any other combat xp. Another thing I do is I invest every single experience lamp I get —including the diary lamps— in slayer. Lastly, I try to minimize the amount of monsters I kill whilst not on slayer task. If there's a monster I want to kill for some item I really try to prohibit myself from killing it unless i'm on task. It is even possible that at some point I have to kill monsters solely by using rings of recoil, which would be a risk for getting either to much mining or thieving xp, because those are the best ways to be getting those gems. Also getting prayer leveled to the rest of my combat stats is really difficult. One way to go around this is to steal from the ogre chest for some zorge, fayrg, raurg and ourg bones and offer these at the ectofuntus. Unfortunately you also get thieving xp from this, which is a danger in getting too much thieving levels since I already kind of need every single experience point invested in getting herb seeds from master farmers with rogue's outfit. I could forsake that, but then I am in danger of not having enough herblore levels by the time my other stats are reaching 75. Just taking it slower and letting get herblore to 75 by my using my kingdom is not an option, since I really want to do my daily 30 battlestaves, and if I don't do at least one herb run every day, I'll reach 75 crafting way before I reach 75 herblore. My best hope is to get a lot of seeds and herbs doing slayer, which I'm about to start grinding out. And remember when I said that I already had like 78 magic? Now I have 80 magic. It is simply impossible to not train that with all the teleports I need to use (I actually make house tablets to reduce teleport xp and use POH portals, but you still get a lot of xp). But i'd say the main income of that magic xp is due crafting air orbs, which unfortunately at my situation is inavoidable, because I really do need the money because of the way I'm playing. I hope to have magic leveled with the rest of the stats once i get to 85. Long text, what can I say... I like to write.