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  1. Short term goal for me is 90 > 93 slayer then get occult and start the zulrah grind.
  2. Very nice man, you're banging the 99's out.
  3. Hi!

    First of all; Welcome! The start of an ironman account is both very frustrating & nostalgic. Frustrating as in you've got to figure out which path you're going to take. I personally believe you should just play how YOU want to play and not think about being as efficient as possible because it can work very demotivating. I personally didn't like the early stages of ironman too much besides the nostalgic feeling etc, once I unlocked a few things I could do such as slayer etc I really started to enjoy it. I would advice you to go through vids of early stages ironman for example; first few episodes of Iron Mammal. It gives you an idea of what you could do and in which order, but then once again only do what you feel comfortable with. If you have any questions you can always hit me up in-game, or simply just ask the Cc of course.
  4. Welcome! Trust me if I say you will give up on your main account soon. That's what Ironman mode made me do, playing the game this way around is SO much better.
  5. Nice start you've got there, those lobsters will come in usefull later on indeed. Welcome!
  6. Welcome man =]
  7. The dream haha, very nice mate.
  8. Always interesting to see UIM accounts, I personally couldn't play that mode. Just out of curiosity, what kc did you get the visage at? =]
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome =]
  11. Welcome! Make sure to check the guide section on these forums, lot of helpful information can be found there. If you're seeking for any =]
  12. Very nice, gz!
  13. Rsn: DeepHouse Acc: Regular Ironman
  14. Welcome! Nice intro as well.