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  1. I just got back (two weeks ago or so) from a 85 day, 1460 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. Since coming back, it's been a little obsession of mine to find other hikers and swap stories and fun trips with them. Does anyone here do distance backpacking? If so where have you gone/plan to go?
  2. Recently did a bit of hunter, and fishing to stock up on a bit of food for some slayer.
  3. SCOTLAND DIY Hello Everyone, Scotland DIY here, tracking and sharing my progress through 07 Ironman! I played a RS3 Ironman to 2kTotal, than went on a long backpacking trip, and started on my OS Ironman the dayI got back: 8/15/16 TOTAL LEVEL: 782 Short Term Goals: Long Term Goals: RFD 93 Slayer 70 Agility 77 Herblore Dragon Scimitar 80 Runecrafting 38 Herblore 83 Hunter Recent Progress: