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  1. i dont really know how to make these G&A things so i will just do a august recap, made some great progress! 1. SGW Started doing sara alot more, and managed to finish the SGS along with a few other goodies (Loot from 200) 2. Demonic Gorillas After 805 KC I have achieved 3 zenytes and a full heavy balista. crazay. 3. DKS - as usual alot of D Axes, i lost my z ring and 1 sara sword to a skull trick so i need to camp some rex soon! 4. A new 99 & Amigo - found this lil guy while afking yews, also acheived 99hp 5. Another DWH! [On my New non-ironman acc] i got this on 78 shaman kc. 99 range sorted. ps. zerker irons ftw. [new rsn: b0bba] - i had to remove 'iron' from my name due to been crashed alot :]
  2. very helpful i was looking for the same thing :]
  3. gz id love the sotd!
  4. gz! hope u didn't catch a dab of aids while doing mta
  5. update: got another hilt and another shard. 1shard to go
  6. salty
  7. i only saw the first picture and thought this was a troll :P gz
  8. v nice luck, to bad about the first z ring
  9. iron bobba [nice puns]
  10. i also have 1/3 shards at under 50kc.. priddy cool right? makes up for that sire bad luck. to bad im 60attack EDIT: just another hilt....
  11. legit 848kc bludgeon
  12. Update: 400kc, no unsired drops, thats 394 dry. im paying the price for the orphan who needs a bludgeon anyway
  13. poor mans ranger boots
  14. atleast u can finish them :]
  15. someone give him a medal