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  1. I already gave up. Situation is transcending efficiency.
  2. Wow. Someone either has a lot of free time or has been going hard as fuck since early 2015.
  3. Can we buy our own falcon? No. Welp nothing to see here other than them telling us to fuck off from raids.
  4. Damn you aint have to do him like that.
  5. Estus Im calling the Win right now.
  6. The cc finally enlightened me to the ways of the Cx. I feel a little younger now.
  7. I still dont know what cx means lol
  8. Gets 2 pairs of Holy sandals. Cant get 1 pair of black masks. Nice.
  9. I blame IronNoob. Also i enjoyed getting dropped every 5 minutes by Tabb's AGS.
  10. #1 Runecrafting on an ultimate? You must be playing from an insane asylum because you'd have to be crazy to attempt that lol. Good luck man it's gonna be a pain in the butt.
  11. But if anyone else does a hard clue we get mad puzzles and ridiculous emote items just so we can pull a magic shortbow out of the casket. No, no im not salty.
  12. Think ill keep my shitpost on reddit like the rest of us.