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  1. Being a member of any online community holds risks. Over 800,000 logins stolen http://www.kitguru.net/gaming/security-software/matthew-wilson/the-epic-games-forum-has-been-hacked-again/ Over 200,000 logins stolen https://www.hackread.com/grand-theft-auto-gta-fan-forum-hacked/ 2 Million: http://www.itpro.co.uk/security/27083/hackers-steal-19-million-dota-2-gamers-data-from-chat-forum Now, these are big, popular sites, and the harvested information is worth a fortune. Typically, attackers use SQL injections to obtain information from the forums database. Now imagine you play RS. You're a member of an RS fan site. There's only one reason someone would attack an RS fan site. To obtain your RS account details and drain it of anything of value. Because let's face it, at least some of these users are going to use the same login details on every site. Easy targets. Contents Three tier account system Passwording Keeping track of logins Authenticate your email Have you already been breached? Three tier account system I'm going to outline some concepts you could use to make your online presence more secure. You will use three email addresses to manage all your online accounts, each providing a different tier of security. This will make it easy to manage your online presence while minimising risk. You could have a different password for absolutely everything, but if you can't be arsed, rather than using the same login and passwords for everything, try this. (1) joeblogs69@gmail.com (2) joeblogscontact@gmail.com (3) me@joeblogssite.org Tier (1) email addresses are created solely for spam, junk, and random accounts. Accounts registered to this email will be of no concern if they were to be breached. This can be any site that doesn't store payment information and that you have nothing to lose on. For example, I would register to most forums using this email, as I sign up for a lot of forums I do not use regularly. Tier (2) would be dedicated to websites of importance, social media accounts, file storage and websites that store your payment information. If you don't trust the site fully, if they have poor security (Do a quick check if you're not sure https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/) then use the T1 account. This would also usually be my primary email address for normal use. Tier (3) is for financial accounts and high risk accounts. For me, this email only has my online banking, phone contracts, and my RuneScape account. I use a domain registered email address of my own. This email is only accessed by an email client on my PC's. These 3 accounts are going to need a different password each - but passwords you'll remember. Passwording Aim big and go random. I thought up a password quickly for each of the email addresses; ScubaD1ver MountainB1ker7 AstroNaut!96! These are three similar passwords, that could be very easily remembered, but would absolutely be secure enough. Change a few letters for numbers, throw in a random Caps, switch numbers for special characters. Your password for all logins should contain random numbers. T2 Passwords should be slightly more secure, maybe throw in an absolutely random number with maybe a special character or two. T3 Passwords should absolutely contain special characters and numbers. Really, a T3 password should be a bit more complex than AstroNaut!96!, 1961 being the year the first astronaut was launched into space (probably). Accounts that use the T3 email login should probably each have different passwords, but if that's more effort than you're willing to do, at least you're gonna be doing the rest of this, right Mom? Make them easy enough for you to remember - you don't want to be jotting them down anywhere. Keeping track of logins If you're using google accounts, this is really easy. https://security.google.com/settings/security/activity This link will give you a 28 day log of access to that account. Check this fairly frequently if you can. You'll usually get an email from gmail if they notice an unusual login, however if the attacker has your IP addresses they could falsify their location to prevent this. Authenticate your email What harm is it gonna do for you to make every potential attacker need your phone to access your account, even if they have the password? The app literally opens for you in the taskbar when the authenticator is required, it's so easy for you, but so hard for them. https://www.google.com/landing/2step/ Have you already been breached? So, before you go using your existing emails for your accounts, don't you want to know if they're already been accessed?] Your logins and passwords probably have been stolen in a major site attack at some point. I also know myself I signed up for a lot of shit when I was younger - my teenage email accounts were so pwned I don't dare log in to change the passwords. They belong to them now. Damis linked this and it's fantastic. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ If you are currently using joeblogs69@gmail.com and "1337rs" for absolutely everything you use, and you at some point get breached from any a random source, your an easy target.
  2. What was the location of the unauthorised login @Knarfe?
  3. Having never done fishing trawler before, I had loads of fun. Logged in 10 mins before the event started after not playing for a month or so, so only had enough supplies stocked up for a few games. Everyone was really helpful with explaining what to do and what we needed. Did anyone start the kick-starter campaign to get Murphy a better freaking BoatyMcBoatface?
  4. Congratulations! If you don't mind my asking, what's your total played gametime?
  5. Before you de-iron, treat yourself to a wee grind. You'll be getting gear again left right and centre - every barrows piece you get will be fantastic loot again. Nothing's going to take away from the fact that some cnut took all your stuff, but make the most out of the situation, you might find you'll start to enjoy it all over again. And no-one can ever take away those level milestones - 1900+ total ironman - thats a top base to rebuild a bank from. Goodluck!
  6. You got the best one too! Nice one :wub:
  7. At least they couldn't do anything to those badass stats, eh? Best of luck with the rebuild and keep us updated!
  8. I keep seeming to find boots all over the place
  9. That's awesome, thanks for sharing :D Didn't take long for someone to put that together!
  10. Congrats! I'm pretty jelly, but you deserve way more than I! :D
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats! How many med clues did it take?
  13. Western Provinces Hard Diary Morytania Hard Diary 1500 total (1425/1500) Fire cape (Should have by tomorrow) Fighter Torso Elite Void
  14. There's one way to check for sure if someone is addicted to RS. Ask them if they have an ironman.