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  1. Hello, Been awhile since I've posted, but only reason I am is to ask a simple question: Anyone here play League of Legends? I recently got back into the game after awhile break. I've created a new account and was wondering if anyone here played. I would be nice to play with people I know/knew. Summoner Name: JKM8 I'll add whomever wants to be added. Just let me know who you are so that I know who I am talking too. EDIT: The account is brand new as I couldn't remember the info to my old account. I should be lvl 30 by the end of the week with boosts. Cheers!
  2. Gz, once again Wavee <3
  3. Welcome. Also, Flapz is totally not kool.
  4. Looks good. Thanks for all the hard work, guys/gals! :D
  5. 42

  6. Ursu PvM Goals and Achievements STATS Will update this more tomorrow. For now, just made it as a template (accidentally clicked "Submit")
  7. Gz. Good luck with the future levels, Fanatic.
  8. Hi

  9. You win some, you lose some lmao. Still a nice item to have for FASHIONSCAPE!!!
  10. Welcome.
  11. Gz.
  12. Lmao. The salt was so dense with Fair that day.