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  2. Luck of the b0bba
  3. I havn't done any real long distance backpacking yet but The Appalachian trail is something I hope to hopefully within the next year. Especially since its not too far away from me. Congrats on completing it. Maybe if we are both still here when I get back we can share stories about it.
  4. In the GIF it looked like he was definitely close enough to attack you but misclicked on piles, giving you a second head start to escape. Very lucky lol
  5. I understand what your saying, maybe a system like instant-runoff voting could work but I dont think its ideal for these type of votes. Each skill or event is its own thing basically and I dont think it would be best to funnel the votes elsewhere, since each option is unique.
  6. Think he did do entrana all the way to 99 but idk if he kept doing it past 99 or went to charters. Like Eddy said its not very expensive just really slow.
  7. The memes must flow
  8. You have been more successful than I thought you would be with that account type.
  9. This is more offensive to me than when bleak got ROTG at vetion under 100kc
  10. Why o why did you make this so hard to read
  11. I ended up only doing a few chests. Im 100% sure i did not win haha.
  12. lets go woodcuttin!
  13. For the 3rd form I would shoot 1 time - get pulled in - run away and shoot again - repeat. Seemed to take minimal damage this way. I used a rune c bow and ruby e bolts with 86 range. I did however have saradomin brews/super restores/range pot and 99 hp..