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  1. Thanks p2p again now fishing some monks.
  2. Rank Request Form: My RSN: Mr Ironpool Regular/Ultimate : Regular
  3. that's a nice set up lad
  4. congrats good luck on your next 99s :)
  5. dam now that is some luck bud
  6. that's great exp for sure
  7. nice man that's great supplies
  8. dam great progress mate keep it up
  9. dam nice, crystal shield is best ins slot vs range other than dfs will make it so he lasts a lot longer at dks so will be still viable
  10. that's defiantly a fail on there part, good job easy tank
  11. Grats bud :)
  12. sorry to hear bud good luck on future goals
  13. very nice man great luck :)
  14. Congrats bud keep it up