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  1. Updated with a progress picture after a while. Haven't been active on rs at all recently which explains why I had like no progress in like 6 months. Been pretty busy irl (still am but I'll try to smash some progress) For some reason, I can't remove the duplicate current progress pic at the end of the first post so if someone could fix that, that would be appreciated <3
  2. Jealous. I made a post earlier about this and I still don't have a d sq left half. If only the whine and receive theory was true for me.
  3. Username: (was my irl name in like 2003 so not going to use that first acc on here as I quit it shortly after starting) Second acc: Finalfate2 Starting year: 2003 First death to: I think it was a farmer at the chicken pen lmao First 99: Attack Method used for first 1m gp: Mined Pure ess (i think it was 160 ea). Took me like a week to mine 16k I believe which I used to buy my first whip. Price of first girlfriend: Didn't have one on rs, feelsbad First time being hacked: Was on my very first acc (the one with my irl name which is one of the reasons why I quit it haha) I was doing a quest or something and I was stuck. A person that I knew for a week said he could do it for me or help me out and asked for my password. Me being like idk 9/10 years old or something fell for it and got my like lvl 30 account hacked. I got my account back shortly after but I wanted to make a new account with a different name other than my irl name so I quit it. Edit: Going to add some new ones First time being scammed: Back then when Seers Village was a trading place as well. There were two guys that was saying "Buying palm leaf for 2.2m, selling palm leaf for 1.8m" I did not know what a palm leaf was. I thought it was rare and knowing that those two people were far away from each other, I thought that they didn't see the other persons message. So I bought the palm leaf with my entire bank and regrettably found out that it was worthless. First time being lured: I think this was the only time I ever got lured but this happened in like 2005/2006. I had; Obsidian cape (worth 300k at the time), obsidian shield (worth like 600k at the time I believe), D long (100k), D med (I think it was 800k), Rune boots (200-250k) and full rune with glory (like 200k). So in total, it was around 2.2m-2.3m. The person who lured me was my friend for like 2months and he told me about a new monster or something in the wilderness and begged me to follow him with gear. Apparently the new monster dropped sick items. Obviously he proceeded to kill me shortly after so I lost around like 1.6m or something like that to him. Was pretty mad as I thought he was my friend (knowing him for 2 months and all) An old friend you wish you remained in contact with: A guy named Rat town. Back then this guy was loaded (in 2005/2006). He had like full drag (d legs was 2.6m/d chain was like 30m), robin hat, karils crossbow and a santa hat. He was a low level (like lvl 60) while I was around level 80ish and he played runescape with his mother back then. I remember how I was intimidated and in awe of his items but I ended up talking to him and realized he was a cool guy. We both kept playing fight pits in the tzhaar place over and over again. We both shared the same birthday as well which was nice. I remember how he gave me an entire mill on our birthdays which was a bloody lot to me. I had nothing to give him really as I was poor so I just gave him 500k in gp of it back and just trained with him the entire day. Like a few months after, he just never logged into rs again along with his mother. To this day, I wish I could have a chance to contact him again.
  4. My guess is maybe he did like agility pyramid for money and just did buckets of sand-molt glass-blowing into orbs. You don't need a crazy ton of money to do that.
  5. Woo congratz! If only the cp was 5 cp higher though
  6. Post anything related to pokemon go in this thread :D Today I caught this bad boy (may have screamed like a little girl) First pokemon over 2k as well. If only it was 1 more cp, it would have been perfect to match the year ;) (if you're in ontario and you're curious about the location, it was in downtown barrie. It apparently spawned there a few times before as well)
  7. For anyone curious about this game mode. This game mode is a survival game where you run around to different sections looting boxes and trying to be the last man standing in the end. Poison drives everyone to a random spot spot midway through the game. Rewards depends on the game mode you choose (competitive and casual) Casual earns you nothing while competitive, you put an amount in which will all be handed over to the winner of the game. Problem is? Clanman mode 24/7 and teams will abuse it. Some certain strategies that teams have been using have been going to the settlement areas (the big houses aka; Moser Settlement and Debtor hideout.) At a certain point halfway through the game; a looting box will appear (message appears in chat) and will give the lucky player who finds it a lot of supplies. Current bugs that I found so far: D arrows doesnt work with dark bow I will update this thread as I play the new mode out but so far, from what I can see, this game mode will slowly die out if Jagex doesn't do some current changes as this game mode (if anyone knows this league of legends term) is really snowbally for teams. Some changes that I had were already posted on the reddit but some changes that I'm thinking of are; Higher tier food, Higher stacks of runes/runes that work for all 4 elementals, Some areas that can be single way combat but can have others pj you after a certain period of time (to prevent boxing), poison mist pushes you to a spot thats always multi (if the previous one with the single way combat is implemented), people spawn in random areas of the map. Pictures of the game mode: Guy with glitched d arrows. Lethal Fog: Guy looting the magic crate: (got a whip, d legs and a lot of supplies)
  8. Some context behind this: I've been hunting for a d sq left half (on top of the d spear but i mainly want the left half) on the side other than slay on PmOff. Killed almost 1.5k goraks, 1.5k-2k shadow warriors and at least 1k earth warriors extra to try to get it. Over the past two-three days on my non ironman acc, I got 2 d sq left halfs (didnt screenshot the first one due to my rage but it was from greaters) :'(
  9. Also I love how they foreshadowed Walder Freys death in Season 3
  10. SEASON 6 EPISODE 10 SEASON FINALE SPOILERS: Oh my fucking god, remember how I said last weeks episode was the best episode? Well step aside, because this is without contest THE BEST EPISODE in Game of Thrones. So much shit went down, theories were confirmed and oh my god, most satisfying episode ever (except natalie dormers death because damn, rip the hottest character in game of thrones aside from Dany) - So starting off with Cersei the Mad Queen; Bitch went full mad king on us and burned literally everyone. I mean good on her for killing them but did you really have to kill Tommens wife (bruh like, you should know what that'll do to him) - Pycelle died which felt really good, his time was coming anyways - Margaery Tyrell dying which made me actually shed a tear because her face was always the only thing I enjoyed seeing in Kings Castle. Hell I was even hoping for her to get away as bloody D&D was teasing it in the scene where she was trying to get out but nooooooooooooooooo, you just have to kill her off. - Tommen jumping out so now the prophecy that was told to cersei by the witch is coming to life as all her kids have died. All thats left is for Cersei to "wither away". Also Tommen took "Kings Landing" way too literal....too soon? - Jon kicking out Melisandre which is sweet justice for Davos. - The alliance with Dorne was somewhat ok (although I still hate the Dorne plotline, its getting somewhat interesting) Also Varys entering Dorne then randomly appearing at the end with Dany. Teleportation confirmed - Littlefinger confirming (although it was obvious) what he wanted. - Sams story was meh, the sass from the other maestar was comedy gold - Dany finally riding off to westeros but i was actually disappointed that another finale/episode ended with Dany just because it feels repetitive although this is a huge plot development as Dany is finally going to Westeros, I really wanted to see the Night King at the end (like if he walked up to the wall) - Arya killing Walder Frey and making him eat his own people just gave me so much happiness. But the main keypoint I want to highlight and I will put this in bold text just because of how amazing this was. Jon Fucking Targaeryan Literally the moment Bran entered the scene, I knew it was going to happen. Finally R+L=J is now confirmed. That scene gave me chills and goosebumps just because I've been waiting for this for over a decade now. Also the transition from the babys face to Jon Snows face was so well done. Lyanna Mormont in the scene following was so badass (Love the actress and hope to see her a lot more) and the scene gave us viewers a sweet nostalgic memory of Season 1 when everyone proclaimed Rob Stark was the King in the North. BEST EPISODE BY FAR Also which friendzone was worse? Daario and Dany or Littlefinger and Sansa ;) And now my watch begins.........for season 7
  11. SEASON 6 EPISODE 9 SPOILERS: Holy shit, this was without a doubt, the BEST game of thrones episode ever. No contest. From Dany riding her dragons and destroying the ships (which everyone wanted) to Yara and Dany being a powercouple to the epic BastardBowl This was just such a well directed episode. Davos finding out about Shireen created so much feels. The way they directed Rickons death was just brutal (although it was expected), it was just so nicely done. Tormund almost dying was a bit scary as well The acting and directing of the battle was amazing. How they showed Jon Snow stunned and dazed while showing the chaotic battle made it that much more realistic. Littlefinger coming in clutch (I still dont trust the pumpum) Wun Wun died like a bamf. The man was a porcupine and was still alive for a few more seconds. Jon Snow made Ramsay his bitch and at first, I was a bit sad that he stopped because of Sansa but man, that ending was just so satisfying. The moment Ramsay said that his dog haven't ate in 7 days, I knew that he was going to die from his dogs. Its going to be hard for an episode to top this one but as the directer who directed this also directed hardhome and the season 6 finale (which is why I had/have such high expecations for this episode and the season finale) I'm looking forward to the finale Now, time to go rewatch this episode like 10 more times
  12. There are 3 notable stories that I can remember. 1: I remember back then in 2008 when Rocking Out came out, that was pretty much the only quest I needed for quest cape. I remember the only req I needed was 69 smithing and I had pretty low smithing at the time. So I said ok, I'm going to make cballs for it and I remember my cousin+friend would regulary check up on me to see how Im holding up. Took me like 2 weeks to get it lol but made quite a bit of money. 2: Another small story was back in like 2006 when pess was like 100-150 ea for whatever, I wanted to get my first whip so I mined like 30k ess at varrock which took me over a week. I still remember that it felt like hell at the time (its funny cause mining 30k ess isnt that bad anymore to me #justironmanthings) My cousin who was pretty rich for himself kept coming over and taunting me as he logged onto his account at my house just to tease me with his items. He had like 8 whips randomly and he was trying to get me to do some silly things to get it which I did (I was only like 12 years old or something) In the end, the pumpum didnt give me anything and he staked it all later on and lost. 3: I think the best story was in like 2004 or something when I first started RS, I was like lvl 30ish and I spent a lot of time just to be able to afford full Addy. Now, I was playing rs over at my cousins house at the time and I remember I was just walking around near varrock wildy (I didn't even know where I was or anything, hell I didn't even know about the wilderness). I walked into the wildy (there was no ditch at the time) and I remember seeing a lot of people attacking each other. I thought it was cool and I thought if u die, you wouldn't lose anything and that it was a friendly thing. I remember someone attacking me and slowly killing me. My cousin told me before I died that if I died to someone in the wildy, I would lose my stuff. Me panicking, closed the browser in hopes that it would automatically log me out before I died or something or that it would save my progress before I closed it. Logged back into the game to see that I lost my hard earned addy armor and my cousins later on roasted me for the entire day.
  13. SEASON 6 EPISODE 8 SPOILERS: Now this episode was good and bad. Good: - Arya killing the waif via the training she got when she was blind (PS I called that by the way) - Lady Crane died in a terrible way, holyyyyyyyyyy - The hound returns to his usual self and he was absolutely hilarious this episode. "you're terrible at dying" - The hound considering grouping with the brotherhood - Brienne finally going up to meet blackfish - Blackfish still badass - Blackfish referencing the red wedding and how he wont run away again - A sweet tender moment between Varys and Tyrion (feelsbadman) - Daenerys finally coming back to Meereen - Arya says that she isn't no one but shes arya and shes going home so yesss Bad: These points actually downgraded the episode a lot for me - The fight with Blackfish being offscreen was terrible. You bring back a hyped up, badass character like the Blackfish and then you kill him off. This great character that left in season 3 had like only 10mins of screentime this season before being cut off. - The Mountain vs the Faith. This was hyped up in the trailer and in the preview and nothing much happened. All that happened was a random person getting killed when it was hyped up to show lancel vs the mountain - Arya vs the Waif, this is a controversial one. I feel like they should have like put some audio after arya cut the candle to show some sort of struggle but whatever. - Last but not least, bloody Tommen the dumdum. Rip several theories this episode because of that scene.