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  1. Congratulations to our very own Admin Star Scribe for winning this weeks competition with gaining 2,308,629 Firemaking xp! Not much competition this week but you won fair and square! ;) Something went wrong with the sign up on CML so I had to paint her in lmao :) Top 3: Sign ups are in a few days and if you have any questions take a look at the FAQ. - Wavey & Bleak
  2. And then the meme died
  3. Keep on going m8
  4. This Skill of the Week is about to get LIT!If you'd like to participate, comment your username below and get ready to BURN!Any late signups can PM me (Wavee) in game and i'll add you to the competition tracker, and if you have any questions please read the FAQ.As always, Good Luck and Happy hunting!-Flapz & Wavee TRACKER
  5. G A I N Z A A I I N N Z Z
  6. Thanks to everyone for coming
  7. welcome back :)
  8. Both of you did good :) well done
  9. LOL you got that pretty fast after you made this thread :D gratz
  10. Congratulations to 4everalone for winning this weeks competition with gaining 6,788,505 hunter xp! This week was really close as Irish Slayer was only 65k behind! Top 5: Full result Sign ups are in a few days and if you have any questions take a look at the FAQ. - The competition team Flapz, Tabbris & Wavee
  11. 42

    Welcome, if you want your old account back you can hit one of our admins up
  12. Hi

    i agree, osrs is way better ;)
  13. That sucks man :/ so many irons getting hacked nowadays, best of luck on rebuilding your bank
  14. Oh IVY LAB ive seen u before :) welcome to the forums m9