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  1. Since no one posted a quest they want, maybe we'll try again next weekend. I'll keep grinding for a fury :)
  2. Starting this weekend, I'm going to start doing something for those looking to obtain the coveted quest cape. If there is a quest you want to do but know it will be difficult as an ironman, and all those guides on youtube say "AND THEN JUST GO TO THE G.E. and buy such and such item...." ................................................ WELL I'm here to save you time and make sure you know the best method possible. Also if you are a lower combat and need help tanking.... I can do that too!!! I know how extremely unmotivated I was to finish the last few quests for my cape because it was just going to sit in my bank. BUT now with the teleport straight outside the legend's guild, I use my cape daily, and it has almost completely taken the place of slayer rings. ***** PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS THREAD FOR WHAT QUEST YOU WANT TO DO!!! ****** We will be questing in the clan's w12 and be hopefully pounding out at least 2 or 3 each time, so if you have a quest already done, no problem! Stay for the ones you need and then go back to fishing or alching or whatever your heart desires. ~ Mildly Ironic :ph34r: AKA 3 banana rank in the makings ;) haha
  3. I have gotten to the point where I've seen a lot of people doing quests through watching the youtube guides and such, but a lot of times, items cant be acquired, or unable to teleport because of the lack of tabs etc. makes some quests rather difficult and not at all fun. I figure we have about 15 people with quest capes and I know I have provided service to at least 5 people for several hours tanking, walking around for a better step by step guide than any youtube could provide. I would be willing to start a forum for people who want to do group questing and we could arrange times to get some of the more difficult ones out of the way, or just those pesky simple ones which would be more enjoyable together. Let me know what you think. ~ Mildly Ironic :ph34r: