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  1. Im in, UltimateKiwi
  2. Did some zulrah <3 Helm: Magic fang : Pet : And finally the blowpipe :
  3. 193 kc for a 2nd trident, kraken tentacle and a pet woot.
  4. Full guthans after 993 chests. Ahrims top is still missing for zulrah.
  5. Gz :D
  6. Morytania elite done :)
  7. 4th ult for lumbridge elite diary complete and 1800 total level
  8. 3rd ult for 70 base stats :)
  9. Add me on rs, i will gift you a bond :D.
  10. Whip, Dboots and Torso done. Time to grind slayer until 87.
  11. Update: Got my fury and firecape
  12. Might do that and add them to tldr if i ever get bored lol.
  13. Here are some screens of my ultimate ironman grind. [Warning 1,5k screens album] http://imgur.com/a/XGjUk#0 TLDR: http://imgur.com/ExObF5t,DoOiVfl,rLdQrmb,cWsbNSh :)
  14. Did some Giant mole for some farming expierence and the pet chance in 2 days. Got about 20 kills per hour with a Void+Graceful and emerald bolts e + diamond bolts e setup. 283 Kc Pet Loot worth: Result: Picked the nests up on my main for some bonds :).