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  1. https://discord.gg/Pnxev
  2. @bleak @m1nho
  3. Congratulations you is lucky :)
  4. Welcome to the CC feel free to add me 'pacifists' i always have my pm on when I'm online, so feel free to add me and ask me any questions you may have :)
  5. This will be dealt with DW
  6. Very nice working on everything at the mo so perfect for me
  7. Loved the look of this thread until I opened the medium clue rewards..
  8. Pet spooder stop complaining...
  9. Looks good can't wait to see for future reference
  10. Sooo the funny thing is I did two chests the day after and got one wavey :p
  11. Gl brother
  12. Congrats dood
  13. Fake Rangers for a fake wavey :p