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I spit on GE

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  1. I think a warning should be fine :)
  2. Congratz. keep up the good work.
  3. Welcome to the forums mate.
  4. Hey Wesley, welcome :)
  5. Gratz man, easy teleports :)
  6. Hey guys, After a long time being away I've decided to come back because of the new cc opening. I hope you guys are happy to see me return :) xoxo Pizza
  7. Welcome bro :D
  8. Gz freddy
  9. I will slack on my xp gains :(
  10. Ultimate ironman is so hard man, damn.
  11. #19

    Grats sir
  12. LOL

    Someone has been slacking his xp gains
  13. Gz dude :)
  14. 666

    Nice outfit sir