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  1. Yes sir, a real OG around these parts :P
  2. Welcome back dude! Always nice to see people who have gone MIA return to the call of duty.
  3. This brings back some good nostalgia Username: Kangaroo404 Starting year: 2004 First death to: Idk but probably goblins in Lumbridge or something haha First 99: Never made it to a 99 on this account before it was hijacked :( (Although my first 99 ever on any account was woodcutting) Method used for first 1m gp: Chopping Yews and the oh so lucrative picking Flax Price of first girlfriend: Whatever a blue beret was worth at the time First time being hacked : I logged in one day after signing up for a runescape forums duplicate page, and they took everything I had :( I remember exactly where I was standing, right at the TzHaar bank in the Karamja volcano. I was so sad that day, but then I made a fresh account (Mr Flapjack8) and they are a pretty high total level RS3 account that I dont play anymore.
  4. This week, you guys voted to train Hunter! Grab your traps, get ready to fight bots and pkers, and LETS MAKE SOME GAINS! If you'd like to participate, comment your username below and get ready to HUNT! Any late signups can PM Wavee or Myself in game and we'll add you to the competition tracker, and if you have any questions please read the FAQ. As always, Good Luck and Happy hunting! -Flapz, Wavee, and Tabbris TRACKER
  5. Welcome to the forums dude! (Also, Go Gators! ;) )
  6. It looks, interesting...
  7. I also love pie.
  8. Im down to spend a week chasing after wood.
  9. This week you guys voted to train Woodcutting! Grab your best axes and get ready to roo yourself in front of some teaks! This could be the week for you to bank 99 construction!!! If you wood like to compete in this competition, just leaf a response with you in game name and we'll add you to the competition tracker! As always, if you have any questions please check out the FAQ thread, and any late signups can pm myself, Wavee, or Tabbris in game to be added! TRACKER Wood Luck! ;) The Competition Squad
  10. I made you a 'BRB' screen you might like
  11. So, i didn't take any photos while on Tutorial Island. It was a race after all. However.... I did snag a few during our pk world adventure. There was a shit ton of loot lol We almost killed a looter And then we lost a 1v10 against a level 16 mage RIP Train But it made a resurgence in Lumby no worries Then we were dicks and walked all over pkers fights lol And i got rekt. lol. Was a really fun event! Glad we had a good turnout :D
  12. Damn lol that is so beautiful
  13. Your luck is making me noxious.
  14. Woooooooow really lol i hate you naz