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  1. Omg gz Wavey @@@@@@@@@@@@@
  2. Welcome to the forums, Jossie! I'll admit I don't sit in the Total CC much so I haven't seen you around before, but it's good to hear that you've been around for a while and have been helpful for clan members. Originally yes, the Overflow CC was turned into a Total lvl CC after a number of requests, and with a very full friends list we're attempting to keep it this way, it may be that your account was just one that was removed when we were sweeping the friends list for inactive accounts/people that didn't meet the req who may be there and I'm sorry for this, Until you hit the 1750 req, please feel free to sit in our main clan chat "Ironman CC" (with the space in the middle) and once you've hit 1750, let a mod know and it'll be passed on and you'll get added back if you decide you want to go sit in there again. Apologies again for the confusion this might have caused. ~M1nho
  3. Oh damn you're ivy lab? I remember the name aha Nice to see another regular on forums! Gl with those drops, have you considered making a Goals & Achievements thread like some people have to track that sorta stuff? Always interesting to check out
  4. Oh damn, not bad! I boosted ~700 kills and ended up getting the slay level to kill them normally, then got it in my first invent lmao. Hope to see that luck spreads to other drops ;)
  5. Welcome to the forums :) Hope to see you around main cc (Ironman cc) If you've got any questions then don't hesitate to ask, i'm sure someone will have an answer for you! ~M1nho
  6. Welcome to the forums, Silenity! I'm sorry to hear that you got hacked previously, I hope to hear that you have better luck this time round. Are you playing a normal or an ult, and what's your username? Feel free to drop into any of our CCs: Ironman CC/IronmanCC/Ultimate CC if you've got any questions or if you just want people to chill and talk with
  7. Oh boy, 2 Dash's, how are we ever gonna cope. And you're both ults too /:
  8. That wyvern kc though ;)
  9. Grip of lron (L, not an I)
  10. Don't think we've ever spoke before, but congrats man! Your little man looks like he's doing well, Getting him introduced to gaming early, I see ;)
  11. Hey Shib, Glad to see you made a forum account too :) Hope to see you around main CC and on the forums too,
  12. Other things to know: Douwe > Wave ;)
  13. Hey Quango, Nice to see a new face on the forums! :) Feel free to join any of our clan chats to chill and meet some new people "ironman cc" is our busiest, "ironmancc" is our overflow for the first clan, and we have an ultimate clan chat "ultimate cc" but feel free to go chill in there even if you're not an ult :P Hope to see you around more, if you've got any questions then feel free to ask a mod or in clan chat, and I'm sure someone will be able to help
  14. Oh wow, this is impressive! Bet it took a while and if we promote it, it'll be super useful to the clan, Very nice job,
  15. 10/10 for this introduction