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  1. You continued to get on peoples nerves for way over 10 - 15 minutes i told you to stop, and you continued to complain/continue the same topic. which is the reason for the kick.
  2. daym. nice whine/recieve there! gz man! :D
  3. will try my best: My first ever account was: Usename: Patrick123 (Password was Patrick1234, didnt know u could change passwords, so i ended up making a new account which was "Pad Den S De" which is the account i still own in RS3 (tho i dont play it, because.. RS3...)) Starting Year: Summer 2004 First death: I think it was the black knight south of Draynor. First 99: Cooking on the first ever "double/bonus xp weekend" which i got 90 - 99 from Friday to Sunday (even back then i could grind. haha) (took me another year to get my next 99, which was Woodcutting, also finished on a double xp weekend) Method used for first 1m gp: Running a thread on forums, (before GE) in which i would buy yew/maple logs, distibute them to other people, the "fletchers" those would fletch, and occasionaly string the logs into longbows, in which they were returned to me, and i sold them. (i know... it was underpaid work for the woodcutters and fletchers.. but i made bonk, and the workers didnt have to check forums for work.) Price of first girlfriend: 0gp. forever single FeelsBadMan... Nah.. i really cant remember LOL (but yes ofc i had one at some point) hahah ill add this one to it: First time being cleaned: Was surfing on the RS forums to buy/sell stuff, and i held my bank in inv, i got in touch with this guy, who would "sell" me hes Verac helmet, but we had to wait for hes friend.. we went to hes house meanwhile and boxed for fun. when "hes friend" "was here" i was at 1 - 2hp. and the guy told me to leave the house and go to falador. i teleported with him,(leaving house didnt reset hp) he gave me some limestone and asked me to smith it. so i did.. but... limestone dealth 3 - 5 dmg for smithing it.. so i died, and he took it all.. :(
  4. Im Happy to take the Throne of imbues FeelsGoodMan Great event! loads of fun :D
  5. Hi

    Welcome Welcome!!!
  6. damn. sounds difficult. good luck my fellow ironman!
  7. im sorry to hear this my friend... :( Good luck with the pvming :( <3
  8. Welcome home again Fair luck :D
  9. Welcome aboard! hope u will enjoy your journey!
  10. Mijuzo! (most likely not gonna do hunter, but might aswell sign up 4Head)
  11. Just a little bit of firemaking xp i did while i had some spare time... well.. during my 24 Hour stream i managed to pull off a nice 7M firemaking xp, with an average xp/hr at 400k. (with magic logs(tops at 420k)) From 75 to 94 Firemaking. 17 hours and 20 minutes in total :)
  12. Got DH helmet, which brings me to 3/4 DH pieces, just need the axe now! :D
  13. Welcome welcome! another one rises from the dust! may you end up as a big ultimate! Welcome fellow uim <3