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  1. This longest running most viewed thread right here....
  2. No one sent me a memo! But looks great you guys :) happy to have the forums back <3
  3. Move in with us please? We'll untie u to play rs.
  4. im allergic to cinnamon irl tate, please make a bid fred, is ur gf hot and ew no thanks fair-- cant u see ive got enough qps in my life!
  5. he plays rs
  6. I started playing cause my husband plays; after 4 years into our relationship. We now both play like 6 hours a day and have been for well over a year now together. it's really done wonders for our time together and our finances since we don't spend money going out every night anymore. Ironman cc has also been a great anchor for our time together in game; invite her to clan! Congrats on relationship goals, and good luck!
  7. <3 u Ouija!
  8. Confirmed by zily herself
  9. ima do it, when I get phone back <3
  10. I love u <3
  11. reposting since I took the originals down me and rams <3 and me and my lilybug <3
  12. congrats on babyyyy!!!!!! we'll see u around <3
  13. Were rescheduling a zily kidnapping in april