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  1. Sign me up pls , ill namechange back to Bilbo f either this evening or tomorrow
  2. Congrats that is amazing dude! Sad i missed it feelssadman
  3. Welcome to the forums, mememeister Jigglypoof :D
  4. :gzamir: Welcome back buddy , is solo amir still an ironman or are you starting anew?
  5. Hi alpha Wavee B)
  6. Can i take a swim in u Zerk?
  7. Woooooo grats mate :D you actually beat me to both the drops in kc, and i was very lucky aswell wow
  8. Gz dude well deserved!
  9. From afar, Bilbo could sense that there was an immense amount of salt heading their direction..
  10. I see Situgiggle rinsing Lelalt? (laughinggirls) B)
  11. Hi and welcome, for those that enjoy it, RS3 is a pretty nice game. I started my ironman on RS3, which has the same name as my oldschool one, but I haven't played the game in over a year as it's gotten too easy and none of my friends play it. I'm not too sure if you can, but if you want to have a chat, feel free to join any of our CC's ingame; 'Ironman CC' 'Ironmancc' and 'Ultimate cc' .
  12. Looks better than the snakeling imo so i don't mind if it's common :D
  13. 1124 KC for this bad boy, pet #2 after the snakeling pet :D