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  1. finally got this done ^^
  2. So this just happened on a single task :o also not thermo but this also happened one task later :P just pegasian left from cerb
  3. 2k

    Just achieved this little milestone :P
  4. Just got this thing :) been sorta lucky with em so far :p kraken 560, hellpuppy 69 and now smoke devil 346 kc
  5. so got these today :p
  6. Some of the todays gains :P
  7. Sup, valithi here. :ph34r:
  8. First pet :D on 470kc
  9. finally got last guthix page to be able to buy all books, had full bandos, ancient and arma pages for quite long time which i couldnt use because didnt have regular book filled, still need 1 sara page and 2 zammy pages for all books :P
  10. This just happened Guth skirt for the full set finally :) current barrows log: http://pastebin.com/9iuh40Da
  11. Achieved this today And then on first task at 61kc this thing dropped :)