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  1. Welcome Wavee's brother. Hope to see you as active as Wavee ;)
  2. bought Edit: change thread to sold plz
  3. What if i do not wear underwear
  4. lol!!!!
  5. Welcome! I fail a lot too ;)
  6. Killing it while i stay a noob. Godly gainz from a godly man
  7. Rekt!!! Sorry to see that mate!
  8. ayyyy lmao so true
  9. Welcome to the forums m8! Glad you have arrived after lurking in the CC for a bit :D
  10. Oh wow....now we find out. Awesome!!
  11. donate to me m8, grats as well!
  12. o wait, found the one with me....
  13. Great progress m8! Keep up the good work
  14. Why was I not invited
  15. HI JB, nice to meet you. I feel like we know each other already. <3