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  1. Woodcutting all day, i really enjoyed fm/wc uim style.
  2. gz man, 99fm was also my first ironman 99.
  3. Omg, I hope I can make this..I work sundays at 6pm US Central so i usually sleep thru events!,..but Agar.io is best
  4. Im sorry that shit happend, to you man. I only know you on the forums but ur seem like your a good dude. People are scumbags. I hate to see you leave the community due to a set back like this..but you know what you want...If anything become an ultimate ironman : D
  5. 0/10 WTF NO AVI
  6. That shit would make me throw up for real!..maybe rng will bless you again
  7. 2/10, KY is noobs
  8. Hahha glad to see you on the forums Fanci..enjoy ur stay.
  9. 7.5/10 cuz goofy
  10. 5/10,...only because I am not a fan of weebs <3
  11. UPdate
  12. 10/10,..diss got max swag.