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  1. Are you around cb 37-41 and do you want a rune pouch? If so, I think we can help each other :) if you're cb between cb42-47 wanting to get that pouch is also np but not now. At those cb lvls I'll be available after getting 43 prayer and banking 70 con @gansters
  2. Greenflash Show me the money! 12.6k alchs ready to go :)
  3. I went ahead and killed many Goraks in their plane for the shield left half. They hit the rdt often so many gems were gained as well. Had to do it there since it was literally the last ardougne task and couldn't get the reward of elite before getting that :o Grats on your drop and don't mix up anvils now :)
  4. Thank god I received my dragon pickaxe drop this week Greenflash
  5. Done with exams lets do this Greenflash
  6. lol, I really thought this would have been a troll post with a picture of a cat :D
  7. - Stealing silk (1k = 60k gp) - train your hunter to 83 and go to puro puro to catch dragon, ninja and magpie implings. Train magic to 55 and use high alchemy on the alchables. - train your magic at the tree spirits for your hunt to rune axes. Sell or alch the mithril and adamant ones (or extra rune ones if you stay there longer) smaller profits: train your fletching and sell your unstrung bows in the general store of Hosidius instead to one on the main land. The one in Hosidius gives you double the money than other general stores.
  8. The same goes for me. I love to play to play at lower stages of the game like getting all stats to 50-60-70 but then after base 80 it becomes boring because it is just the same thing over and over again for 1 simple level. This is how I have dozens of accounts with medium stats but every account has different rules. I have made every 1 defence pure possible before, zerker, 10 hp pure. Just to keep gaining the nice looking level ups but with different account styles which require different playing style, strategies and methods to level up to make them 'unique'. I don't think I'm addicted since I barely play now because my ironman has almost base 90 stats and it bores me. I'll start playing again a bit more when starting a new account which I haven't made before yet: 10 hp ironman. Just like Zerk but then with defense and prayer. Not going to start that account just yet, first the 2 remaining exams and my 3 week trip to Japan right after. Then it is back to the RS grind =)
  9. Welcome to the forums! The skilling competitions are fun but can also be very hard if you want to win one :)
  10. grats on your green bewts!
  11. sucks for dubtrack I guess
  12. Join the skill of the week competition. To some that works to keep going :)
  13. Where is the "Dislike This" button?
  14. Welcome to the forums Exzenigma You can always join the clan chats if you would have any questions! "ironman cc", "ironmancc" or "ultimate cc" Don't be mean in the cc though if someone would ask for directions or something :o