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  1. Click here to view Event and Skill of the Week Information on our subreddit - IronScape! -The Event Team HC Iron Age, M1nho, Mijuzo, Rusted Away, Star Scribe
  2. Bump for Barrows!
  3. Bump for two year anniversary event!
  4. Welcome to the forums, I'm glad that you're enjoying the ironman mode and have found the cc helpful :)
  5. Congratulations on finishing quest cape!!
  6. Nice intro :) I've seen you in cc and your name immediately made me think of Welcome to the forums. See you around! edit: Destroy everyone in the Agility SotW :D
  7. Suhhh welcome to the forums. See ya
  8. Welcome to the forums fellow quester
  9. What a great start to your supplies :) I've been enjoying wintertodt as well
  10. I've not gone to get the set yet myself so I'm not 100% sure. I assume they do it by storing what they get in Zulrah - collecting then redepositing any new pieces they get. I'd suggest joining "Ultimate CC" and ask there to confirm.
  11. Bump for Last Man Standing!
  12. Star Scribe + hooli
  13. What a day :D Glad Barrows treated you well!
  14. Hahahaha great :)
  15. Loot from last SotW, full Pyro :) Tell your friends so we have more competition this week!