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  1. This guide is a work in progress .... Currently high level steps only, detailed steps (and pictures - yay!) coming soon. Why you should secure your account As you may know or have seen on this forum, I was hacked. Being hacked is a most dreadful experience and being an Ironman only makes it worse. I thought I was safe because I used the RS Authenticator but that was not the case. All it takes is access to your email account and then your in for a world of hurt! My account was effectively cleaned out in less then 8 hours. Basic Concept If your logging into RS with an email address then that email address should not be the address associated with your RS account. You'll want 2 factor authentication for both your email account and your RS account. With these basic items in place you will significantly reduce your chance of being hacked. Requirements Device to run Apps iPhone, iPad, iPod Android Phone or tablet A cell phone if your App device is not a phone! Google Authenticator App A new Gmail Account Steps to securing your account Install the Google Authenticator App on your device Create a new gmail account Setup 2 factor authentication for this account Update your RS account so that is uses your new gmail account This does not change your login if you use an email address to login Enable RS Authenticator
  2. I'm still trying to decide. I installed Xamarin into visual studio so I may try that and go the C# route. I haven't ruled out Swift yet since I have xCode installed an up to date on my Mac. Have you done any development for iOS? I'd be interested to here any experiences you may have had.
  3. Thanks Situation, Paper and inFAMOUSE, I appreciate the thoughts. Thanks Fair Luck, I've decide to use my mega hours of scape time a week to write iOS apps. Been on the want to do list for ages but 2k total level was more important at the time ;)
  4. Hi Everyone, I was recently hacked. Through the efforts of our clan leaders I was able to get feedback from Jagex after they looked into my account security. It is as follows: Looking at the account it seems that your password was changed by the hijacker. This means that the hijacker must have access to your e-mail account. With this in mind I can see that your e-mail has not changed since the hijacking so the hijacker may still be able to access your account. Please ensure that you've changed your e-mail password and applied a 2-step authentication to your e-mail also. I can see that the hijacker also removed your RuneScape Authenticator using your e-mail. I would recommend setting this back up and following our Computer and Account Security tips to keep both your PC and your account secure. I'm not certain how that hijacker gained access to your e-mail and it may be worth contacting your provider to see if they can shed some light on the ssituation there as I do not have access to that information. However, if was most likely through Phishing or you may have a virus in which case could you please run a virus scan on your PC. Some notes on the above: If the hacker has access to my email and it would appear that they do, then they took careful steps to remove any messages related to their activity out of my email account (yahoo). I believe that they somehow I am an IT professional, I am not new to IT security and can assure you this was not a phishing or virus event. Reviewing my email account(yahoo) I see no trace of the interaction that the hacker had with Jagex to reset my password or disable authenticator. It could just be a diligent hacker, erasing his steps so as to perpetrate this crime again. It's also possible on a more advanced level that they intercepted the smtp traffic from Jagex. In either case I have a few take aways I would share: Use 2 factor authentication for your Runscape Account and your EMail Don't delete your PIN (I did it to buy grapes and runes when hopping) Change your email password and your runescape password at regular intervals. Don't use your email address/login for runescape on any other RS related site Take security seriously. It hurts more when your an ironman! This hacking ends my approx. 10 year Runescape gaming experience. I got (and now lost) my first ever visage on this account. The thought of trying to recover tridents, whips, barrows sets, clue items like d spear and d med is overwhelming. Not to mention dragon hatchets, slayer helms(1299 kc for black mask #1) and all the things you start to take for granted after a year plus as an ironman. I'll never reach my 2000 total level goal, 1999 seems fitting after this abrupt ending. To all of the ironmen I say thank you for the wonderful and enriching experience that this ironman community has provided. To my friends a heartfelt good bye and I will miss you. Be safe,take care and may your rng luck be plentiful! Old Farticus
  5. All the hype for Monkey Madness 2 and they fail to deliver. So sad. For the love of questing Jagex, fix your code!!
  6. You should see if you can add this site as an exception to your AV. Never had any problems
  7. That's tooooo funny! Edit: Having the presence of mind to grab a screen shot while watching the idiots= awesome!
  8. Looks good! Gratz
  9. So #1 has 9.9 mil already after 2.5 days. Guess this one is over. Can we start the vote for next SOTW?
  10. Gratz!
  11. that's the worst, sorry bro
  12. nice hand, quad aces... sweet.
  13. Welcome aboard, i think you'll find ironman both fun and rewarding. Good luck on your journey :)