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D Scim

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  1. D Scims Iron Trout and Salmon gains for days
  2. Party hard and hopefully fuck some bitches B)
  3. Do whatever makes you happy dude :D
  4. Loool that's weird as fuck
  5. People can play each other whenever and just post/sceenshot the result, finals will have to have a time but we can sort that out depending on the top 2/4's timezones, edited that in the post
  6. D Scim :D
  7. Few people wanted this so here it is Basic requirements you need to make an account at Chess.Com Post your chess.com username down below and we will make a table, everyone will play each other once and either get 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw(stalemate) and 0 for a loss. Standard 10 minute games (unless you both agree otherwise) The top 2/4 depending on how many people sign up will play in the final/semi-finals and we will use the online random number generator to decide who plays who in the semi's Good luck and may the best chess player win ;) EDIT: After the table has been made I will post the results below, you can play at a time that suits you within a week of making the table to suit everyone :)
  8. I'm stealing this dog its so cute holy shit
  9. Like owner like pet
  10. Seems legit Tommy
  11. Yup seemed like a decent lad, could've just bought one for like £75
  12. Temp setup til I'm back at uni
  13. You see through the dark but you're not using your eyes to see ;)