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Tale Of Iron

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  1. nerd get rekt
  2. welcome to the forums, I am better than zerk fred and jokke so don't listen to them :pants: all the best with your videos :)
  3. It would be useful I admit..not sure regs would be a fan of it though haha
  4. Hi Guys Some of you may see me hanging around Ironman CC and being a bundle of joy, for members who don't know me or haven't seen me until recently, I have been a long time member of Ironman CC and also a mod for just over a year now :) recently only just came back from a break. If you have questions or wanna make love :pants: send me a pm in game or say G'day in chat! Just a little edit because some of you may want to know a little bit about me; I am 23 years old living in the far north queensland in Australia, I'm a project manager for a college my job being focused around apps and web dev though. been playing runescape since about 2003. People think i hide things in my :pants: but I really don't. I am one of your happy Australian Chat Mods :) :)
  5. Me and my partner , on a night out :) <3
  6. I'll bring this up with mods, assuming they haven't seen it already, definitely not very respectful
  7. I'll just stick this here until the day comes when he gets his Bucket B)
  8. Tale Of Iron
  9. Nice drops mate! keep up the RNG ^_^
  10. Won't make it sorry :/ to early for me
  11. Sorry DVS, maybe if you got 99 slay with black gloves but #TEAMPIMI
  12. DVS FIRST WARNING M9 and hahahahahahahahahah @ZERK im pretty bad like that
  13. woooo #IPBHype