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  1. How about teak/mahog do they work?
  2. As for my first ever account; Username: Renewed Starting year: 2003 First death to: the Black Knight that borders the wilderness in the multi-cmb zone north of Varrock. Dozens of people used to pk there and I was trying to fire bolt people and run lol This was before there was a wilderness ditch and I struggled to tell where the start of the wilderness was, 10 minutes into my first pk adventure I miss clicked the Black Knight trying to run out of the wild. It was so busy that I didn't even know I was being attacked and I died lol First 99: Cooking in 2006 Method used for first 1m gp: Either yews or coal or maybe mining rune essence.. Price of first girlfriend: I never had a runescape girlfriend I didn't have an Elegant shirt or robin hood hat.. First time being hacked: I just finished getting 95 runecrafting and decided to buy 3 santa hats (my favourite rare). I checked my email and saw "You have been banned, click here to login and check blah blah blah" I got phished and lost my santas :(
  3. >Be UIM >Be risking 140M+ >See someone running at you >Shit So far for this clue I grinded Barrows just to get the Ahrim's Robetop so I could have 100+ Magic bonus, I risked 140m in the wild, and now: I need a dragon chainbody. GL me?
  4. Sign me up I might do it
  5. Their bullshit is so thinly veiled. I don't think I believe a single word. Also the developer's account was never banned while using the client. I just think it's a ploy to push people away from the HD client and into OSBuddy which Jagex is alleged to own.
  6. I need a rune pouch still but it does come with a certain amount of stigma. I don't really want to boost any kills at all.
  7. Voted melee just to mix it up a bit. Not opposed to thief if someone wants to set up a splasher at knights for me :wub:
  8. Do you plan on doing Druidic Ritual first to unlock the skill?
  9. Wow which nazi mod kicked you for that in your sig
  10. I actually hate you now after seeing those 4 barrows items in one ......insane luck.
  11. I'm changing my name in a few days is that going to fuck up the competition for me?
  12. I feel like I know you caus I've heard the other mods mention you at various times for like a year now.