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  1. Thanks Zerk, will do! I did however fill a form like that in yesterday, and received the email in the quote above...
  2. The only thing I can think of, is that I might have been hacked when all the forum information leaked, since I didn't remember the PW correctly upon returning. When I requested a new PW, the uncensored part of the mail was the same as main, yet I didn't receive a PW reset mail and thus had to recover it. If someone stole it, there must be a way to retrieve it as well, right?
  3. What's up fellow ironmen, Most of you know me as Bart. I've been an ironman since the end of 2014 and swapped the name "Bart" from my previous main to my newly made ironman. As most of you also know, my real life name is also Bart. You'll understand the value my display name has for me personally. Due to graduating university and other real life shit (gf friends work), I took a 4 month break. Yet, I still logged in 3-4 times in august and september. Lately I've been contemplating playing again on my ironman, Bart. Today after handing in my thesis, I decided to have a look. I found out my rsn had been changed to 0a8tfgdsa and Bart was taken by someone else... My next course of action: I sent in a ticket via their website, hoping they'd change it back and got the following response: Via the link they gave me, https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb, I don't see any option to get in touch with them. As I've been part of this community since the start (with some interruptions lol), I really hope someone has tips or can help me out here. This has majorly changed my feelings towards starting again, as I will not play without Bart as my RSN. Kind regards, Bart Ps. The account has only been inactive for 2-3 months tops, certainly not enough to remove my name.
  4. dansgame
  5. oi cunt
  6. Seriously you cunt, this was unnecessary
  7. 95 or 96 magic, 99 range :-p
  8. Sup plebs, So as I am sort of done rebuilding, I can now work on my item goals. I am not aiming for godwards completion, I will only work towards items I need. Once I have all the items I need from a boss, I will no longer do them. Exception for Zulrah if I'm in need of specific supplies/scales and the Armadyl godsword, which would be nice for anti-pking and fun. Zulrah 540 KC Item goals: Magic fang - done Serpentine visage - x Tanzanite fang - x The onyxes have demotivated me a lot, will go back to Zulrah soon. GWD: Shard 1: 0 Shard 2: 0 Shard 3: 0 Armadyl 1 KC Item goals: Armadyl chestplate - done Armadyl chainskirt - x Armadyl hilt - x Zamorak 70 KC Item goals: Zamorakian spear - done Staff of the dead - x Bandos 1 KC Item goals: Bandos chestplate - x Bandos tassets - x Bandos hilt - x Saradomin 2 KC Item goals: Armadyl crossbow - x Saradomin hilt - x During these goals I'll also AFK ice warriors for medium clues whenever I can't do slayer/pvm. I'll post notable loots here too.
  9. 5th of december 2014, created an ironman and started typing in random ironman names in clanchat to see if there was a clan, first thing I typed in was "Ironman cc".
  10. that's not 1m thats more
  11. acceptable
  12. My god, thought I was lucky with magic fang at 167 lol