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Fair Luck

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    Fair Luck
  1. My guess is about average, no idea tho :p Looks good, definitely some nice supplies to get some crafting going etc!
  2. I think the next will be crafting, i'm going to kill 11k green drags and use the hides from those to get the last bit of xp. past that not sure, wc/con/smithing are pretty easy as there aren't that many hours left of that.
  3. #15

    Month late grats!
  4. Wow that's pretty ridiculous. Undeserved but grats :)
  5. Welcome man, feel free to join "ironman cc" or "hardcore cc" if you ever have any questions you need help with :) Lots of new ironmen in the hardcore cc, so that might be ideal for you, even as a regular ironman.
  6. Happy to have you back!
  7. Personally I think sharex is the best tool out there, getsharex.com
  8. Hey Dansk, welcome :) I'm danish myself :D
  9. Hey man it's been a long time. It's really unfortunate that you got into this whole thing, the lies have been very confusing over time and a lot of us really wondered what was actually happening, as it just never made much sense. You were really great to have around before all this and i hope you'll stay clear of it and return for good. That being said it's only a few of us that still remember you, so you'll have to really be dedicated if you ever want to truely be a part of our community again. I hope you manage to, would love to have you back like old times :)
  10. Good to see that you are still alive jokke, that's a really nice car.
  11. Damn nice car No banks! Love the pictures :p