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  1. Hello Elirond, We have had trouble with this one before. I am very sorry you had to experience this, this will be dealt with immediately. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Hi Wavee's cooler brother!
  3. Bilbo hurriedly put his pants back on. " I should go"
  4. Suddenly, Tabbree's pager went off. "Work.." She sighed.
  5. Bilbo stares back and utters the words "Ban Emily"
  6. The rules are simple. Together we will make a story. Each person can only add up to 10 words per post. Do not post two times in a row. Here is the background for the story, try to stick to this general information, but the rest is completely up to you. The world is a dystopian future where all forms of currency are now reddit karma. The world has been plunged in to a dark age of dank memes. The main character is General Tabbree, direct leader of a meme task force unit. General Tabbree has a very unusual love interest. Who is it?
  7. Is there a buyout
  8. I'm an ironman.
  9. Where is the share button?
  10. are u ok dab, i heard rams killed amber in the woods.
  11. Fixed it for you. Grats though, still a great achievement. :D
  12. Are you new here? Welcome! ;)
  13. Can't say I ever receive much hate for being an ironman.. usually i'm better than them and they feel inadequate about themselves. ;)