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  1. I strongly feel this should take place when I'm in the UK in early July. The weekend of the 8th,9th,10th of July would be ideal for me but I will be around roughly from the 29th of June to the 18th of July. PS. If I can fly like 20hrs I expect a good turn out ;)
  2. :wub:
  3. He looks like someone poured honey over an orgasm
  4. Philo looks just like a young Chad Michael Murray
  5. Hi all, I've been away this week due to illness so I am planning on opening sign-ups now with the competition running from 00:00 GMT Saturday 14 November until the following Saturday. Please comment your current username below so you can be added to the tracker :) any late sign-ups please pm me on forums or in game. Tracker! <3
  6. Gandalf - also endofends is a beautiful man.
  7. Zerk at it again
  8. and here i was thinking it was all my bullying :(
  9. Hi all SOTW sign-ups now open for SOTW #21 - Runecrafting :)! SotW and tracker are now live! Congratulations to our previous winner Sadz Rax! who unsurprisingly dominated the slaying competition with an epic 2.1m exp gain B) for the previous comp Click Here. To sign-up for our next SotW comp is here and to sign-up simply comment your CURRENT RSN below and you will be added to the list - alternatively if you sign-up late please pm in game or on forums. Please Note: This competition will run from 00:00 BST Monday 21 September to 00:00 BST Monday 28 September (this should give everyone plenty of time to sign-up and prepare for the comp). You can find information on SotW Comps HERE! This competition will be tracked with the use of www.crystalmathlabs.com please visit that site and search for yourself then click start tracking! this will save me a lot of time during sign-ups if you are new <3
  10. grtz bby boi
  11. How do i vote :morten:
  12. Have you tried, gettn gud instead? Though on a serious note this is an option but it would really depend on the skill.