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Fred Sheeran

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  1. gratssss :D glad u managed to complete it xD
  2. lol gz man xD
  3. hey

    welcome, keep up the bad content :)
  4. gzz man :D
  5. nice one :kreygasm:
  6. ouchh, sucks man :D
  7. welcome mate! :)
  8. i came
  9. i remember in highschool when i was like 17 some classmates were talking about the fact that they used to play rs years ago. They were saying shit like 'I was really good at it, i was 76 combat'. I was sitting there not saying anything coz i was the only1 still playing it on a maxed acc :D i shouldnt be ashamed about the fact i still play, but in some way i am xD
  10. Its really accurate, i used to be addicted and it did affect my school results. It changed when i met my gf because i finally had something i liked more than playing rs. Spending time with her :) I still play alot but i could perfectly live without rs :p As a teenager i didnt realise the game was affecting my IRL so bad. Now i know better. Games are ok as long as it doesnt make you neglect IRL obligations. Its a real issue these days.
  11. <3
  12. Fred Sheeran :)
  13. welcome back! :D
  14. ffs why'd i miss that! gz man!!