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Final Lap

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  1. Congrats on your recent achievements! :D
  2. Hi Sam! Nice to meet you! :) All the best with your goals! See you around on the forums and in the clan chat! :D
  3. I like Firemaking even though it is one of the least respected and useless skill. :D
  4. Hey Jake! Nice to meet you and welcome to the Ironman community! :) Good luck with your goals! See you around on forums and in the clan chat! :D
  5. Lol the voting is already closed for the 2nd Sotw.
  6. They will be good for rcing later on. :P
  7. Hi, nice to meet you! Welcome to the Ironman community! See you around on forums and clan chat! :)
  8. Congrats Gandalf and gl on 99 Agility! Congrats to Iron F34r as well. :D
  9. Congrats on the loot! :)
  10. Fun event although it suddenly turned into a hype train to Varrock and then off to wildy lol! I managed to get some seeds and thieving exp since I was 10mins early before the event officially commences. :P This is my 1st clan event which I stayed up till late midnight to attend. It was fun meeting you guys and the clan getting together to participate on the same activity. :D
  11. check the event pics... this escalated completely lmao. we ended up in the wilderness Haha yeah I saw. I managed to attend my 1st clan event lol which I stayed up till late midnight. :P