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  1. If you flick on and then off rapid restore it resets the timer on your natural health restore. You can use this to stay at 2hp by flicking it on then off every 30 seconds or so.
  2. I agree. I see what they were going for in the trailer, but they didn't quite pull it off as well as they could have. Regardless, I'm actually very excited for this game mode!
  3. Come on Hunter!
  4. Decent Guide. I wish we had a stickied version run by someone who could edit frequently to add in other suggested tips and tricks.
  5. Yes you'll need to leave the prayers off. As long as you've got a decent form of food and enough recoils you should have no problem. The recoils rip through him in his last form especially.
  6. I'd reccomend fire striking on fire giants till 55. You could continue fire striking there or switch to alching. If you're not 44 rcing, the Tree Spirits at BKQ are a great source of natures.
  7. Who is hyped for Deadman? Do you have anything special in mind for it? Is anyone considering attempting an Ironman Deadman?
  8. What a flash back, they were playing the Glitch Mob when I entered. Been so long since I've heard them! :D
  9. If anyone wants, feel free to add me! Cerocess I'm a silver 2 who plays mostly for fun. I play mid, jung, top.Â
  10. Nice! That's pretty impressive, 1000 so soon. Going to pick a focus soon, or aiming at the total level highscores?
  11. NotLookingAtTheCamera/10
  12. American Horror Story Freakshow, it's so good so far! And I did Orange is the New Black while I alched to 86 mage on my main.
  13. Good luck on 99! It's quite a feat, especially with being an ultimate.
  14. A fully managed kingdom can garner 1250 flax a day which is 18,750xp per day. Could be a little bonus exp whenever you run out of materials!
  15. 1. Play the game on a bot designated world. 2. Log whenever a white dot appears on the screen. 3. Remove yourself from the "Ironman CC" because hunters will lurk in there often.