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  1. 124 ranged is equivalent to 108 range with eagle eye prayer. The difference depends on your secondary gear. As you can tell, without great secondary gear to boost void's accuracy, d'hide surpasses it.
  2. Even after securing everything but the input cells, they still blew up their sizes and put massive font to cover up the rest of it. Google docs isn't very conducive to graffiti prevention. Best I can do is trust people here won't screw it over. Doesn't hurt me any if they do though.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTX8TD18lk4J76tQ1Y1A5_7Wpl4vkM7My8Y9hM1hKZI/edit#gid=1196448287 I'm not good with google docs. Can other people edit any of the values? Have fun
  4. http://imgur.com/zhvOLv0 They had double my xp but only about 25% more ehp. I hadn't touched slayer yet.
  5. Is it time for me to make a grand return? Maybe as an ultimate this time...
  6. Add me please
  7. Nothing usually comes from the south. Every other angle will get stuck on either the rock, or the stone stand (either north or east of it).