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  1. finally 1000 total lvl
  2. lol anytime bro just pm me
  3. woot done heroes quest now time for the kingdom quest
  4. well done man, i would follow this if i were a ultimate ironman. I just think its challenging enough to be a normal ironman but heck if you can do it props to you :P
  5. Not so good but possible. I would wait to do this till everyone is sorta on the same level.
  6. Ya we have to have a pest control event. would be very beneficial to all ironmen. Void = op
  7. I wouldn't mind battling to the death with fellow ironmen, would make a badass screenshot too. But i would try to make the teams balanced in combat levels. Wouldn't be much fun if all the high levels were on the same team.
  8. all requirements done. i'll be ready when the event hits. Hope everyone can make it =D
  9. Very well done, and very fast on the work! i'm so hyped. This clan will be known for years to come
  10. I would have to say my very first longterm goal would be quest cape and fire cape. then my other long term goals which are probably similar to most ironmen's goals is: 1. fury 2. bandos set. 3. tridal. 4. slayer helm. 5. skill cape in any skill 6. any godsword. 7.whip 8. darkbow .... and the list goes on lol
  11. awesome classic game. i used to play this game with my brothers alot.
  12. Meh, this game is to similar to magic the gathering... but i have played it a few times
  13. xbox one > ps4. lol jk not going to start a console wars debate. they both have their cons and pros.
  14. Yep been playing league of legends since release or around release i think. IGN: plexxis ranked gold 5. went from bronze 2 to gold 5 in a week :P i used to be silver for the longest time but was demoted to bronze for being inactive.
  15. Slayer is definitely the most favourable. Runecrafting won't even stand a chance in this poll lol