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  1. Nice find man, never seen a single older than 1990 Soarer in Finland, never seen an AE86 either live but I always see one or two for sale each year, wish I had an ae86 aswell hah. My dream car as of right now would probably be a w201 cosworth, since I currently have a w201 190e 2.0l :p, it has all kinds of problems but still a damn nice car too drive when it works properly :D one day i'll have a cosworth... probably not... :(
  2. #15

    finally a master baiter
  3. turned out pretty nice in my opinion so gotta share it here :D post your dual monitor setups too if you want to
  4. congratss
  5. As the title says, post a screenshot of your most recent level you have achieved, I guess i'll start off.
  6. Looking good but where my sig at :p.
  7. Not too sure about that, making them cancel whatever you're doing at that time. darts however are a good option for that
  8. have not checked it since like 2015 but i'll go ahead and check it just for you :D
  9. 125 cb and 90 pray and 2220 total and 90+ all stats... :D
  10. One above me, the tease :D Grats on front page again tho
  11. Grats to Vrom and hunter next would be cool
  12. im an iron nan