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  1. Created an account on http://www.chess.com yesterday, if anyone wants to play add MrVrhovec [current elo 1700] (I play 10-20 minute games, such as 12 | 5)
  2. A basic rundown of Agility Why Agility? A higher level of this non-afkable skill results in faster energy restoration, accessing new areas of RuneScape and the use of shortcuts making your gaming experience more enjoyable and efficient. Low levels of Agility Might be more useful then you think! Time to restore 100% energy in seconds At level 1 - 750 seconds At level 48 - 375 seconds At level 60 - 334 seconds At level 99 - 250 seconds For this reason I recommend you get either 48/60 Agility (or more for useful shortcuts and areas; 66/70/72) If you haven't done Agility yet or very little of it you're probably starting out and can't complete most quests, therefore I'd recommend doing Recruitment Drive, The Grand Tree and possibly Tourist Trap's 9.3k xp (if your Fletching level isn't low). This will get you to level 26 or just short of 33 with TT included. If you have done Agility however don't do quests for the xp rewarded as it's not efficient. Agility Courses to do: 1-10: Gnome Stronghold Agility course 10-*30: 30-40/50: 40-50: ; If completed Priest in Peril Quest 50-52/60: 52-60: Wilderness Agility course (more xp/h, no Marks of Grace, danger of PKers, not advisable for low combat levels, bring food) 60-70**: 70-80: (from this course and onwards laps will not lose energy and will not require Graceful Clothing) 80-90: 90-99+: Pictures of courses mentioned Once you reach 260 Marks of Grace which spawn on rooftop courses (more on higher tiered ones, e.g. Ardy), you may purchase the full Graceful Set, for a -24kg reduction (to note, if your weight is 0kg or -50kg, there's no difference in run time length) and a 30% bonus Energy restoration when stationary, from Grace at the Rogue's Den (Games necklace TP to Burthorpe - north of Taverley (Druidic Ritual)). 99 Agility will take around 250 hours to complete, depending on your efficiency. Tips: -Have "Attack Option Priority" on "Always right-click." -Play around with your camera angle! Each course has a different angle that suits it best; find yours! :) -Play around with roofs on/off on different courses! Roofs on suits some courses whereas elsewhere Roofs off is the way to go. *Without Potions Al Kharid course is less xp/h then Draynor, easier to lose ticks/fall. **60-90 with Kandarin Hard diary done.
  3. ;)
  4. Welcome to the forum, go ahead with your youtube link, many do :) Good luck and Happy xpwmas + New year :)
  5. Well done. 3 tick barb <>< is the only way :)
  6. Final Results can be Found Here!
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    Looks nice
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    It definitely is - efficiently 2277'ing takes ~2x the time it takes on normal accounts, yet it is a much better indicator of efficiency & true overall rank than total lvl/xp is. Also, they're making an EHP for DiY, probably coming out in a few months.
  9. Great introduction, welcome to the forum man!
  10. Happy scaping on 99!
  11. Gonna join provided I have the time
  12. Welcome to the forums Mikaela! Nice progress on you Crafting ;D
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    ~40% of it is from Agility. Which is still a higher ratio of time played vs Agility time (where Agi takes up less then 40% of my 30+ day playtime) since not all skills for DiY accounts fit those EHP measurements.
  14. If they don't introduce bonfires im fine with everything as far as fm goes.
  15. The harder the path the sweeter the fruit, yeah.