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  1. I love all skills, iv palyed since 2003 and i haved like 10-20 skiller account. got some main 2 but when rs3 came out i quit rs 3 and when oldschool came out i started again a skiller, im 1,9k total in rs3 main. But skilling is my fev. it harder to make money and skills up.
  2. Im srry Zerk, but i cant come to event becase im a skiller and cant go canifies
  3. My first goals is 99 MINING and SMITHING. ;D
  4. Naiss 8)
  5. I wanted to ask when u make own forum, but .... U was faster then my mind, ty and nais :):):)
  6. Hi. My name is Indrek and i live in Estonia. Im 25 years old and im daddy :P Im Skiller. Love Skilling. My rsn is Cmb 3 and anyone can add me when they want. Pace. 8)