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iron poet

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  1. Just wanted to say... great new forums. I tried months ago to access them but the reset password function wasn't working correctly. It's all good now :) I took some time out to trim my quest cape but back now. See you around.
  2. I did every hard clue scroll on RS3 to 99 slayer and didn't get anything worth more than the time it took to do the clues. Waste of my time!
  3. Nice try. Looked fun.
  4. Grats!
  5. Grats!
  6. Grats! Awesome! Good luck with 99 slayer! :o
  7. After two months of training - albeit part-time - I've finally achieved my first goal of 30 amulets of glory. Glory Reqs: Thieving 84 - for rogues chest for dragonstones Herblore 38 - for prayer potions at rogues chest Prayer 43 - for rogues chest Craft - 80 Magic - 68 Time for some abyss RC!
  8. Aim to get as high agility as possible as soon as possible including the grace outfit. This will save considerable time running around. Train magic as soon as possible to start using the teleport spells. This will save considerable time as well. You'll need a strategy to get some law runes.
  9. Thieving seems to be winning. If it does sign me up as i'll be doing a few levels anyway.
  10. Very nice, it's a ironman startup pack! Grats!