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  1. This is true now though lmao
  2. So your account was hacked and the name was removed? That's what Mod Gnarly implied anyways. Pretty cool that they restored your RSN, although the RSN Bart was never put on a new account unless it was a rs3 account... Hope that you will come back to OSRS <3
  3. http://i.imgur.com/OzWes67.png
  4. Waiting for a responce @Bart
  5. I'm really sorry for that, we had no idea where you went so just hoped you'd be all right. Looks like that's the case now at least, welcome back to the community Kind :)
  6. Heya Rune Khalifa, We've taken your reports seriously, sorry about the little response from us though. Just for your information, the last kick shouldn't have happened, so we apologise for that. I hope you and the moderators can get along from this point, as we can't roll back the kick we hope you can accept the apology and move on from there :) Cheers, Zerk
  7. I see what you did there
  8. Thanks for the report. We understand your concerns and we've taken action. TANKevin has been banned from the clan chat; we obviously do not tolerate organised drug talk in the clan chats. We respect your decision to leave the clan although we hope that you'll reconsider. Please understand that, in a large community like ours, not everything can be controlled 100% at all times. With thousands of people joining the clan chats every day, you can always expect malicious people to join. It's our job to keep them out, and regardless if you think we succeed in doing this, please know that we manage the clan(chats) to the best of our abilities, and we're always solution oriented. I can suggest that you try the smaller CC's; they're easier to control and therefore you'll have less trouble with controversial topics, trolls etc. Anywyas, we've taken your feedback into account, so thanks again for your report. I've de-ranked you for now, let me know if you change your mind. Zerk
  9. Hey man, welcome :)